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I don’t love you
For the prideful and self centered reasons.
When the sky is blue,
To the slaying storms and all kinds of seasons

I know it's cold, but we are hot and getting old
Time is chasing us, come let's run to the streets
Do away with the underwear lest men don't understand!
And talk the walk, walk the talk on the streets!

Like the sun I felt your heat from a distance
When you rose from the street, I tried to stare
But my eyes couldn't bare yours, your fragrance
Took my breath away, couldn't catch it, I ran out of air!

If I could
Move the mountains,
Split wine from fountains.
I would

Tears from that face will forever fall
But not shall they reach that ground,
Nor turn the dry lands into Eden for all,
For that infliction will strike for more and never turn around

I took off my glasses
So to gaze her with my naked eyes,
And all I could see was flames
Beauty burning bright above the horizons,

But I am slaved to you,
Caved in your hell, served
You to the heights of the blue,
But it’s true, I remain starved.

In the world where death is a dreadful relief
Possibilities have limits and abilities don’t matter
Where people have hosted and made peace with Grief
Bitter absorbing their hopes for the better!

It is so real
When it oozes from a sore heart!
It takes time to heal
While battering the soul and turn the body apart...

My eyes drizzle
As thy charisma mingle inside them,
My heart whistle
A most prominent anthem,

Whither you climb?
Stones with feet oozing life,
Sanctified by the lamb
Ought to be worth of His grief,

I looked for a need but I failed to find it…
A reason to neither cry my tears nor show my fears,
Throughout the years, never reached the limit
In me, greater is he that cannot be seen with eyes!

Fountain of my blood
In the midst of my belly, with a scarlet pearl
Like a precarious ocean, blew a flood
That hurts to soon heal,


He is almost alive
He exists in hades
Doing what he doesn't know
Saying what he doesn't understand

Dear pain, close friend of my tears,
Is it the mood or the blood you want to see?
Come blowing nor flowing lest years
Pass us by, with a humble and high key

There is a friction
That slows down my reaction;
The sight of your beauty is not what my eyes can bare,
It's like the eye of heaven; too hot for me to stare.

Hail culture! I was told; in you there is stature,
Maturity and prosperity, you are the boundary
Between boys and men, between girls and women
The completion of nature, you are the future!

I love you, my lava and my sun shine
You are hot! For you I toil, you are sweet as I sweat.
Under your shadow; my tree of life, my shrine
Along the cherubs I sing like the seraphim under your treat

There is, but one, I miss
Whose lips gently move
Only pause with a passionate kiss
With glitter; they smile to love.

You imbibed the life out of the soil
Though grass and trees still grow,
But your hair that grow from fair to fair boil
From your beauty, they die when the winds blow!

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How Far I Love You

I don’t love you
For the prideful and self centered reasons.
When the sky is blue,
To the slaying storms and all kinds of seasons
In the midst of pain,
To the four ends of the Compass you will hear me cry.
Standing on the rain,
Waiting for a new day and all these tears to dry,

Not for your sexy body that dwell with my lust.
To the depth of your immortal soul I reach,
I adherer to it until it flies out of this dust
World’s Terror could I be satisfied without her and have no pleasure to search?

To all being you are my prime,
A centurion I will be, to hinder death in this war we would never win!
To the ends of time but true love never dime!
In that longest sleep, be my nightmare and with your prayers a dread to my sin.
And yet we meet our Maker
Could there be a Divine-devil wall between the two of us,
Fate I sincerely ask you let me be the furnace taker.
Joy and sorrow we share, let it be known in heavenly places, maybe Reconciliation will dropp the cuss.

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