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Is this hate?
Is this too much for you to take?
Is this pain i feel?
Or is this pain i inflick?

We go together like bees goes together with honey
Like milk and cookies
We go together like a drummer and his drums
Like a pen finds paper

Midnight working on weather downs the story lines.
I try to find the truth a mist of all the lies.
God, sometimes, I wish you were mine.
I wish people didn't have to die.

I want to find out who you really are
Just forget the games
It seems with you there is too much pain to bare.

My whole body shook
My innocence is what you took

This my friend has me itchin to pull the trigger

I can feel them in my mind
I can feel them in my bones
People says its only in my mind
Its just my imagation

sid and nancy, bonnie and clyde, johnny and june
i wanna love like them
i wanna have love like that
you dont have love like that anymore

Rock star boy
With their little toys
Boy he can rock out on the guock out on your guitar
But baby i could rock out with your drums

You cut me deep
You steal my sleep

He's the monster of the night.

Sweet merciful heavens
This is the sad song of the war of roses
You see all the killings on tv.
The wars overseas

You say i don't exist
Just an figment of your imagation
You say that i don't exist
That i'm just a temptation


Dawn's coming
I'm running
I hear the howls
Coming from the forset within

You're so contagious
Some days i can't get you out of my mind.
It's outrageous.
When i'm around you, i feel so high.

I feel chained down,
You shove me to the ground
I can't run, i can't shout
Just please let me out

I wanted freedom
So you let me go.

I said i didn't need anyone to be with me.

If i said, i didn't love you
Then i am lying, cuz i fell madly in love with you
I feel like i'm in love with you

I feel like am always a wake around you
I feel like i can talk to you til i'm blue.

I'm not ready to have my heart broken.

Your the boy who is always on my mind
Your the guy who is hard to find

I have a confession

You walk in with icy blue eyes
You're a blue eyed devil
You come in without any emotions
You're a blue eyed devil

Words are screaming in my head
All of this seems like one big dread
It seems like every one i know ends up dead

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has 10 dogs. very outgoing. writes about personal experiance. poem with name as their title i knew very well.)

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Is this hate?
Is this too much for you to take?
Is this pain i feel?
Or is this pain i inflick?

Is this love?
Is this love i give?
Or is this the love that i love to hate?
I think it might be hate.

Do you always take the bait?
Are you tired of the wait?
Inhale, intake, feel, embrace the hate.
Or is this just my hate?

Do you feel my hate?
Are we going to change our hate?
Is this all fake?
Is this too much to take?

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Christina Brunton 14 October 2010

Very interesting. I enjoy many of your poems, well written and to the point with a good sense of word choice. Keep it up: ] Love them.

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