Mitchell Greenwood

Mitchell Greenwood Poems

1. Placed 4/11/2007
2. Night So Still 4/19/2007
3. The Yet To Come 4/27/2007
4. Heart's Perfection 4/27/2007
5. Mountainous Horizon 5/5/2007
6. Beauty Reigns 4/7/2007
7. Image So Pleasant 5/2/2007
8. Welcoming Sunshine 4/14/2007
9. Dance 4/11/2007
10. Ebony Night 4/8/2007
11. Nightmares Again 4/10/2007
12. Said The Stars To The Moon 4/22/2007
13. Late April Sky 4/28/2007
14. Summer Heat 4/25/2007
15. Astronomical Twilight 4/23/2007
16. Sleep Evades 4/24/2007
17. Life As A Book 4/15/2007
18. Keep Moving Forward 4/17/2007
19. Moonlight Serenade 4/12/2007
20. The Moon Weeps 4/2/2007
Best Poem of Mitchell Greenwood

The Moon Weeps

The moon weeps
Without a warning
In the ebony night
When it becomes lonesome
As the stars have departed

The moon weeps
In clandestine silence
Tears from the heavens
Overseeing all the sadness
As the stars have departed

The moon weeps
In self pitying sorrow
For being so alone
In such a big sky
It fills with melancholy

The moon's weeping
Stops so abrupt
As it holds power and luminescence
It is gently reminded
The time will come to shine

Like the moon
We sometimes all feel alone
Misunderstood and sorrowful
So ...

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Ebony Night

Ebony night
Starlight is ignited
Moon appears with subtlety
Escorting luminousity

Finder of lost wishes
Upon those twinkling stars
Return my wish and grant it
I wished for long ago

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