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Candle Glow

cry with me little candle
as your fire flickers,
as you slowly burn
every inch of your being.

Freedom [from A Cynic's Eye]

At last! I breathe...
No more questions in my mind,
no more doubt nor fear.

Forever In My Heart

forever in my heart, i'll have you
forever in my heart, i'll be here

though i know i just have a part

Why Do People Wait For Love?

what is it with love

that people tend to wait

A Day’s Prayer

I feel the rising sun today,
And thank the Lord while I pray.
I feel the rain on my face,
And bless my heart with it’s grace.

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~ Jon London ~ 12 March 2009

From reading Mary's works, you'll dip into a world where heart and soul paint words that fling the mind into a reality penned think tank designed to thrill the heart.

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i am a simple person [too simple to be noticed]

i think, meditate, feel and analyze a lot

i am both a cynic and a romantic, a dreamer and a realist...i only get to be more of a dreamer when i'm writing

i write like how i listen to music...with my eyes closed, my heart open...

i write when i am sad, scared, hopeful, thankful, motivated.. ...

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