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Today... Tomorrow (No Letter 'E' Used)


So much to say
So much I can't say to you

It Is A Dark And Stormy Night... (No Letter 'E' Used)

Ominous black clouds fly on high
A tin roof glints with pallid light
Animals constantly sigh
And owls sing loudly, mournfully.


I saw you, resting your weight on one foot
Gazing around the strange environment
“Shall I fly off now” you thought
“Or stay a while longer? ”


He came in colors of beginnings and hope
He wore the colors like a name,
but what are the colors of fame?
He colored with friendship as a golden rope.

I Know He Loves Me

He loves me, he loves me not
I believe he loves me, what else have I got?
When I come home his greeting is warm
A big smile for me being quite the norm

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Started writing 2008.

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