Modupeola Williams

Modupeola Williams Poems

1. I Save Myself For You 9/17/2007
2. On Our Friendship 10/5/2007
3. Beyond My Bedroom Walls 1/1/2008
4. Heaven On Earth 1/1/2008
5. I Must See You 1/9/2008
6. I Searched For You 3/29/2008
7. I Searched For You (Version 2) 3/29/2008
8. As Light Reflects 3/30/2008
9. The Girl Magnet 3/30/2008
10. Wonderful Creator (Poem/ Song) 3/30/2008
11. Whose 3/30/2008
12. So Easy 4/12/2008
13. The Sun's Secret 10/9/2008
14. William Shakespeare And Me 'How Shall I Compare Thee? ' 11/12/2008
15. Say A Prayer 4/4/2009
16. Autumn Colors 4/4/2009
17. Mrs. Kent (Clark Kent) 4/4/2009
18. The Moment 4/4/2009
19. Untitled 1 (Inspired By Song Of Songs) 4/4/2009
20. Joy 8/13/2007
21. You Are The Answer 10/6/2010
22. Lady Love 7/18/2007
23. When I Think Of You, I Remember... 12/8/2007
24. Don'T Rush 6/18/2010
25. Your Eyes 8/9/2007
26. Running 7/22/2007
27. I Wanted To Call You Mine 7/24/2007
28. Come To Me My Love 9/17/2007
29. Speak To Me 8/9/2007
30. Prisoner 7/22/2007
31. A Friendship 7/18/2007
32. Smile At Me :) 8/22/2007

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Smile At Me :)

Smile at me
that smile, that finds me in the crowd
The one that lights up the room
And makes the world not seem so loud

Smile at me
that smile, that dances upon your laughter
The one that settles into the charming grin
I always remember after

Smile at me
That smile, that always makes me smile
The one that’s completely contagious
And lasts a whole long while

Smile at me
That smile, when my world feels grey
That smile, that smile
The one that chases sorrows away

Even for a moment…
Won’t you smile at me that smile?
If ...

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Your Eyes

Your eyes hypnotise me
They make it hard to move
I want to look away, for they seem to know all my secrets,
my innermost thoughts
I feel naked before you
Yet i do not look away
Why must you look at me?

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