mohamad tabatabai

mohamad tabatabai Poems

1. Hope 9/28/2013
2. Don'T Leave 10/1/2013
3. The Autumn Leaf (2) 11/4/2013
4. Second Life 2/1/2014
5. The Passage Of Years 2/9/2014
6. Our Boat 4/6/2014
7. Love's Tongue 5/21/2013
8. By Love 11/12/2013
9. Humanity 12/8/2013
10. Ecstasy 5/29/2013
Best Poem of mohamad tabatabai


I saw a drunken man on the farthest land
Where the taverns of ecstasy come to stand
He bent right and left like untied ship
Whom the jealous sober would come to grip
Were are you from, I ventured ask
No where, he said, with little task
He continued:
Half of mud I am and half of soul
One part so good, one part foul
One part of sea, other of land
One part jewel, one part sand
Befriend me, I said, for so close we are
No difference, he said, close or far
Wanderer I am, have lot to say
Will you listen, don't go away
It's love I seek, have no ...

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