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Mohit Chahal is a poet who feels like writing poems on every thing. he has his own personal website: http: // He started writing poems in 2009, when his hindi teacher encouraged him to write poems.That time he was just 8(or 9) years of age.He has also written some rap songs such as I'm Back for Eminem and survival for Eminem.

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Our Class

Our class is best in school
Other classes are not so cool.
We study, we write,
But sometimes we fight.
We score well, we play well,
Other classes just go to hell.
I want some water in my glass,
To elaborate my great class.
Some eat flesh (chicken, etc.) , some eat grass (vegetables) ,
Then also no discrimination is there in our class
Other are fools, we are cool
That is why our class is best in school

Mohit Chahal Popularity

Mohit Chahal Popularity

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