A Priceless Relation Poem by Mohit Sharma

A Priceless Relation

Time flew soon, since
Our happiness was once unfurled
Like a blessing in disguise, when
She was born & completed our world

The images on family's canvas
Although drawn, still looks imperfect
Until with her subtle gestures, she filled
Her colors of love, into the act

She is Father's lifeline,
An extension of mother,
Unbiased care for siblings,
A head held high for others

Blessed are those,
Who own a Girl Child
As she is the one who define,
The true sense of love, being mild

Like a wind, she sail emotions
Bridging psyche gaps, is her ability
She's a true asset in making
And not at all an undue liability

As she started growing
A thought left us terrified
She will leave all of us, one day
To embody others & get occupied

Like a riddle, it looks to me
Maybe a part of God's conspiracy
She is born & brought-up by us
Then why is she left for others to oversee?

A fact remains a fact,
But another fact exist as well
She will keep on spreading love elsewhere
Into her new life, after her farewell.

-unbound ©

Dedicated to the Sisterhood

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: sisterly love
Gajanan Mishra 11 November 2014

blessed are those who won a girl child, right. Mohit, please read my poems and say something.

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Mohit Sharma

Mohit Sharma

Bharatpur, India
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