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I am lonesome tonight
without you my love
I feel deprived

I will search for the light
In the midst of dark night

From the mortal world
To the ocean of plight

I want to live before I die!
Let me go up in the sky
Let me think let me try

Ek ehsaas hua, halka sa
Dil be-qarar hua, halka sa

Wo jo toofan tha jehan me

Some white blank pages,
smile behind black scattered
letters of imaginations
oh so deep

Snow is melting down to the hills
and aged flowers of love
are blooming

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I am a student from Delhi.

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I am lonesome tonight
without you my love
I feel deprived

I look at the doorstep
and think you would be here
I gaze at the moon...and
picture you there

Come back again
coz now this pain
seems intolerable
in this rain.

Come back again
and introduce me to the sun
I am in dark
frozen and stunned

come, come and touch me
and make me free from this
silent seclusion
hold my hands and take me away
beyond the reason

let the blood
runs throughout my veins
I need you dear
Come back again

Bird of your memories
in an endless flight
with thousands of pain
I am lonesome tonight.

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