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The Licking

Unlike the licking
Of a lollipop

(Part 1)
If you believe in the sun.
Cast your eyes in the sky.

IF ONLY YOU BELIEVE November 1,2008
© r. Mokhele waga Mabaso
#inspiration #motivation
Part 2

Part 3
If you believe in the harmony of birds
Listen in all the blessed mornings
To pick up a melody of multiple music.

If you believe in the rain clouds
You shall smell the rain.
Take each drop
And add it

IS IT THE IT March 13,2010
© r. Mokhele waga Mabaso

Is it the it? The it on us

The Best Poem Of Mokhele Mabaso

An Appreciation Of A Beautiful Lady's Lips.

The Licking

Unlike the licking
Of a lollipop
That I liked
When I was
Like a little lad.

Me liking you,
Like is like
Loving your lips.
Your mellow lips
That I like
To leap
To lick and
To lock.
Like my pair
Unto yours.
Outside in the air.

Is like yours...
Are like melon,
Allowing and
They are deliciously
Liked by me.
Like I like
Your luscious
That is long
Enough for me
To like
To lick
My lips long

What a sleek
Neither slumber
Nor snore
May smite me.
Is like being smart
To smile it
Through the night
Without me eat.

I like your lips!
You are a lass
I long to love
and never
To be lax
And loose
In my looming
Looking forward
Into liking
Those lovely;
Perfect and
Succulent lips.

Written by r. Mokhele waga Mabaso.

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