moments of sadness

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this is just a outlet for my feelings
if ya feel...ya feel me
if ya don't...ya don't

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Jerry Hughes 08 February 2007

...gansta girl? Yish! You're right off the beam, this isn't a 'cute' poem it's sadness.

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A Chapter In The Story Of Us

kissing you makes me soooo high
so does looking deeply into your eyes

hugging you, touching you, while holding hands
having eyes for no other man

then abruptly we are not together
what we have is no more, ever

then madness, hatred i can't even stand the sound of your name
knowing things will never be the same

and although we speculate and blame on who did whom wrong
i still try and try to hold on

all the long wishing i could turn back the hands of time
then suddenly i discover you belong to some else, no longer mine

but it doesn't matter because this i know this much is true
i most definitely know that i can't stop loving you...

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moments of sadness Popularity

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