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Where has time gone?
I wish I knew.
The years are very few.

Do you remember playing baseball?
Or hitting tennis balls over the net?
Do you recall basking in the sun?
Those were the best days of all.

And so it is Christmas time.
Another twelve months are gone.
Where are you this Christmas?
I believe you set off on another life.

When I look down at a blank page,
I see only white paper and no marks
It waits for my pen to create something
Like a poem or drawing in its final stage.

I walked along the beach in windy air.
My mind was lost in deep meditation.
I searched for better periods in my life.

If I could, I would look into your eyes forever.
My heart would beat ever faster.
Seeing your smile makes me feel fine.
Please say you will be eternally mine?

Day by day I dream of other ways
I wish for the world to smile in peace
and solve the answers of world hunger
how I vision for a bigger and a brighter day?

Inch by inch the snow piles high
The land is blanketed white
Cold air shivers the inner space
There is no grass about of any trace.

It was the night before Christmas Eve,
And time to put the pine up in the living room.
My brother and I always took care of the tree.

Listen do you hear the music in the air?
It is everywhere
you can hear it in the birds, the wind, and the sea
Can you feel the rap it is all so free.

Whenever you fall about,
You make me smile.
Please giggle more for awhile
Laughter cures my pain no doubt.

I wish my heart to you
Do you really love me?
Are your tears ever true?
I lurk replies from you.

I look faults face to face with no fear
My soul never runs away from failure
There are always obstacles to encounter
Then promise to send me some cheer.

A thick fur colored black and white,
Painted the frame of my cat Tasha.
Resembling the tint of newspaper lines

I am standing in darkness.
I wish for no solitary here.
Then why do I infer fear,
And feel so helpless?

Sadly, I sat down by a pond.
I wished to paint, but I had no brush.
My roller had fallen into a millpond.

How I long for a poised chum.
Who emerges ever affluent?
His voice whistles a kept hum.
That is a sweetly toned ascent.

I glared at the sunset from my window
The sun was slowly setting for the night
There was a brilliant sky painting a show
My eyes blinked in natures splendid sunlight.

I wish you would live forever?
No one in this world can ever
replace your kindness you give me.
Your smile makes me laugh so free.

I never watch much TV at night
My thoughts are on other things
TV is a waist of time each evening
Playing videos just seems right.

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I have been writing poetry for many years now. I do it for enjoyment. I never studied writing for a major or career just started doing it from one day to another. I haven't written as much in recent years, but try to when there is a moment for it. I also write and illustrate children books on the side now. My passion and major is in fine arts. Hope you enjoy my work. You can find my artwork online very easily. Example http: //

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Good By My Friend

Where has time gone?
I wish I knew.
The years are very few.

There is just too much to do.
Time can't efface the past.
I hope the hurt won't last.

Words remain locked in me.
I want to stop your suffering,
But time is pending.

The cancer is taking over you.
I can see right into your eyes.
Your cry is not a lie.

My thoughts are for you only.
Please I want you to be alright
But all there is; is time.

There is never enough space.
Send me back to another life.
I want your flame to show grace.

I'm tending you,
Is It the last moment?
Time is important.

My wishing won't come true.
The cancer has reached an end.
Good by my friend.

Your suffering is now over.
My tears tell the story.
I am just so sorry.

The glowing light will guide you.
The angels will give you a new life.
I will see you again when it is my time.

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