Monica Engeler Poems

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Good By My Friend

Where has time gone?
I wish I knew.
The years are very few.

Wishing For Summer

Do you remember playing baseball?
Or hitting tennis balls over the net?
Do you recall basking in the sun?
Those were the best days of all.

A Christmas Wish

And so it is Christmas time.
Another twelve months are gone.
Where are you this Christmas?
I believe you set off on another life.

A Blank Page

When I look down at a blank page,
I see only white paper and no marks
It waits for my pen to create something
Like a poem or drawing in its final stage.

Lost In The Moment

I walked along the beach in windy air.
My mind was lost in deep meditation.
I searched for better periods in my life.

Dreams Of Better Days

Day by day I dream of other ways
I wish for the world to smile in peace
and solve the answers of world hunger
how I vision for a bigger and a brighter day?

Jack Frosts Winter Snow

Inch by inch the snow piles high
The land is blanketed white
Cold air shivers the inner space
There is no grass about of any trace.

The Ring (A Christmas Story)

It was the night before Christmas Eve,
And time to put the pine up in the living room.
My brother and I always took care of the tree.

Music, It's Everywhere

Listen do you hear the music in the air?
It is everywhere
you can hear it in the birds, the wind, and the sea
Can you feel the rap it is all so free.

What Is The Name Of The Game?

I never watch much TV at night
My thoughts are on other things
TV is a waist of time each evening
Playing videos just seems right.