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i remember years ago
someone told me i should take
caution when it comes to love
i did, i did


If I fall don't pick me up

If I cry don't wipe away my tears

I rember your geurgous smile
I rember you cute laugfh
I rember whenever we held hands
I rember when you said you loved me

I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave

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hello people thx so much for finding me interesting enougf to read mi Bio well lets c how would I explain miself..... hummmm well I love to have a good time I love all mi friends a lot one I mi bff is ora moore I no I've rote poems about her but we have a on and off friendship idk y but I love her to deth she's a nice frend and one of a kind and heather swndel i love her 2 deff 2! all mi frendz r crazi we all love 2 hav a good time were loud and abnoxious apparently to teachers well i talk 2 ani body sooo.... yea im nt gonna lie i gt in quite a bit of trouble and i am a bitch sometimes sooo..... yea)

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Broken Spirt

I hate living without you, Why you left I don't know I thought you loved me.I think about you all the time. I go to school and put on a act & pretend not to care but when i get home, I break down and cry what did I do rong why did you leave?

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Dessie Owens 20 April 2010

i love u momo u dnt need no guy u gt me n othr pplz so fu*k guys lol

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ORA! :)) 12 March 2010

Heyyy (: (: I loveeee youuu baaaabbbeeehhhh (:

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Monique White Popularity

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