RoseAnn V. Shawiak Moods Poems

Moods Of A Positive Nature

Jumping to rhythms of jazz, livening the place throughout
and enticing moods of a positive nature, rocking to the
melodies as life goes into depths of spirituality.

Changing Moods

Rhythms crossing and changing, bringing about changes
in moods of life, scattering them into the wind like
leaves falling in a storm.

Lightened Moods

Empty spaces of desert plains are suddenly filled
with the essence of my soul as I write it into
existence for all to see.

Expressing Moods

Moods Of Solitude

Moods Of Fun

Raring to go, settling into moods of fun, life begins to entice people into pools of awakening on dance floors.
Enjoying stepping into patterns of polka music, reliving
days of younger times.
Beautiful dreams of yesterday, living in arms of dancers

Feeling Positive Moods

Seeing things through musical rhythms, feeling positive
moods growing and expanding beyond limits and boundaries
of humanity.

Creative Juices Bring Positive Moods

An atmosphere of joy and happiness blends perfectly
with creative juices, bringing positive moods and
thought-provoking ideas and concepts.

Tasting Flavors Of Moods

Rising higher into the atmosphere, feeling genuinely open
and vibrant, embers of yesterday lighting rings of fire,
burning intensely, never hurting or taking away a beat.

Quiescent Moods

Overjoyed while listening to melodies, their rhythmic tones
and brilliant sounds give our minds quiescent moods held in
check while writing.

Positive Moods Flowing

Watching elderly couples dancing across the dance floor,
smiles upon their faces and a kick in their aging steps,
music totally taking over their beings.

Moods Of Pleasure

Moods of pleasure now flowing like lava from a volcano,
insisting on being listened to all night through.

Melodies enticing this brain to move and groove with

Resting In Moods Of Positive Energy

Climbing mountains in this mind, letting intellect take
over, writing whatever it feels like, resting in moods
of positive energy.

Essence Of Musical Moods

Joy replacing sorrow in farthest reaches of music,
strumming from universes beyond our imaginations,
being reached through a bluened light that never
dissipates in life.

Creating Moods

Difficult times in this life can be countered by music and
its delicious rhythms as they fall into our beings, minds
and hearts.

Moods Of Lively Music

Strumming guitars, making scratching sounds along their strings, tempting life to escape in moods of lively memories
that are to be remembered in moments of another phase of living here on earth.

Realizing how temporary human life is, holding on as best as possible, knowing that one day there will be nothing left to hold onto, out on a limb, with nothing left to say because in the end, all will have been said as death takes each of us into our own grave, flowers marking the spot for a while.

Positive Attitudes And Moods

Resisting negative attitudes throughout life, some people
can't seem to find anything positive to say or do, they
are doomed to live in negativity.

Energetic Moods Of Music

Energy bouncing around the atmosphere, being caused by energetic
moods of music and positive attitudes, spreading in and through

Energetic Moods

Enjoying the beauty of being with friends, listening and
reminiscing to rock and roll, an awesome way to remember
the good old days.

Tentative Moods

Eagerly awaiting scents and aromas of pine trees
and forests, enlivening spirits and senses that
awaken every particle and fiber of being.

Soaring Moods

Thoughts of joy and happiness abounding, feeling elated
interiorly, sufficiently satisfied with life right now,
taking necessary steps as I move silently forward.

Moods Of Peaceful Interludes

Settling into moods of peaceful interludes, accepting the
intense feelings that they bring up, intercepting and then
placing them wherever they seem to fit in puzzles of life.

Positive Moods Of Livelihood

Sliding, gliding across snare drums as their sticks go up
and down participating in beats that are being played in
unison tonight, eveyone keeping pace with the rhythms.

Seeing Moods Of Joy And Happiness

Looking to the right and left, seeing moods of joy and
happiness as they flow out around the room, happy to be
free and at liberty to do and be whatever they want.

Moods Of Lonely Escapades

Living in moods of a rhapsody as symphony plays quietly in back alleys of the past.

Lonely escapades finding too many twists and turns as life is constantly being drained in a gutter.

Moods And Attitudes Surfacing

Waiting patiently for essence and passion to build
themselves into the big picture as it comes to light
in depths of coded rhythms.

Becoming Precious Moods Of Light

Life-long sentences being written into poetry and prose through
the years, bringing out depths of feelings that are hiding be-
neath star lights of this generous lifetime.

Elated Moods Of Music

Loud and clear, rhythms captivating my mind, twirling ideas across
the dance floor amidst strobe lights flashing happily into darkness,
amazing and vibrant, guitars picking and strumming so easily.

Tweaking Moods

Feeling rhythms from the past building higher
within my soul.

Regulating my breathing, feeling the excite-

Rhythms Matching Moods

Strumming the guitar strings of my mind and heart,
composing rhythms and melodies to match the moods
that I'm in this moment.

Adjusting Interior Moods

Shockingly bright colors hovering over this mind,
not alighting, preferring to hover, checking out
landscapes and feeling it's tender and warm glow.

Moods Are Lightened

Wagon Yard totally rocking tonight, everyone elated,
dancing, stepping to the music and rhythms, playing
with tempos and their beats.

Intensive Moods Of Poetry

Swirling poetry following rhythms up and down measures
of music in perfect time with the beating of intellect
and my heart.

Enticing Positive Moods

Listening to music from South India, it's beat enticing
my mind into volumes of poetry, writing it as quickly as
I can.

Tinactic Moods

Chain-link thoughts, abrading a silence quietly abiding
within this tinactic mood of sensitive song words.

Ringing loudly into spurts of acquiescent martyrdom, as

Helping Our Moods

Necessary attitudes are positive in nature, helping our
moods stay in happier realms of life.

When doing so, things seem to go much better, we have

Altering Moods With Fanciful Thoughts

Saturating this poetical mind with rhythms of love and caring,
charging interior batteries with blessings from above, alter-
ing moods within.

Increasing Moods

Touching upon chords of this mind, playing them with enthuse-
iasm and liveliness, increasing moods of melodious positivism,
moving within rhythms that bring thoughts readily to mind.

Moods Of Silent Loving

Hoping for a better year ahead as music plays it's part,
taking our hearts and fulfilling our dreams, enlivening
promises that have been given throughout the years.

Relaxing To Energetic Moods

Topping a musical cake, rocking the house with drums beating
at lightening speed, taking us away into the night, loosening
our minds, giving inspiration and lively rhythms.

Lasting Positive Moods

Never failing to find a note or two leading me into depths of
interior spirituality when dwelling in a bluened light of the

Penetrating Intense Moods

Hauling melodies into the night, orchestrating
them with a fluid motion of sparkling colorful
hues left over from yesterday's rainbows.

Revolving Moods

Straying into desert ruins, searching for an oasis to
reside in.
Climatic moods revolve then come full circle and
straighten themselves out.

Aging Moods

Disintegrating moods of aging melancholy is an art,
practiced daily in front of expectant audiences.

Altering Moods

Angelic blessings falling upon my being with every
beat of music, singing into my heart and mind.
Soothing feelings of harmony flow gently from my
mind to this pen, altering life's moods for the

Rhythmic Moods

Many moods of rhythm play in tune with my mind as I
write rhythmically with every sound I hear.
Playing by ear, writing through my soul as it is
stirred beyond imagination's abyss.

Deciphering Moods

Listening intentively to a jumble of emotions,
turning and stirring in my mind, being deluged
by them, even though they're not mine, but
belong to a friend.

Diffident Moods

Symphonies stringing themselves into
depths of imagination where they dance

Highway Moods

Fields of desert plains in all directions are
flooded with rains of heaven.
Gray skies begin beckoning moods of reclusive
thoughts while driving down the highway.

Moods Of Sorrow

Going deeply into subconscious realms, feeling the intense moods of sorrow's solace.
Taking me below freezing points of grief where I am frozen in memories of beatitudes.
Clasped tightly as doors close upon my mind, always shutting out the noise of the world.

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