Moods Of Lively Music Poem by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

Moods Of Lively Music

Strumming guitars, making scratching sounds along their strings, tempting life to escape in moods of lively memories
that are to be remembered in moments of another phase of living here on earth.

Realizing how temporary human life is, holding on as best as possible, knowing that one day there will be nothing left to hold onto, out on a limb, with nothing left to say because in the end, all will have been said as death takes each of us into our own grave, flowers marking the spot for a while.

At least until young ones die and leave all to strangers to take care of through the years, going back and forth without worrying about it, thinking they've done the right thing by us, knowing they won't be here either in the future.

Looking forward, never tiring of what was captured in poetry while living here on earth, standing in beats of music that're growing like weeds as they pull up coded rhythms in positive moments and moods.

Challenging and holding on to everything for dear life, moving and rocking into the night, not wanting it to end, just enjoying the wonder and energy as they combine in rhythms being taken out of context.

Listening to the sound of each note, their tones holding the keys of life through each coded rhythm, taking and holding them each in depths of another measure here tonight, not wanting to let go.

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