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Morawn Higgs Poems

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10. Act I, Scene 1 12/27/2012
11. Fiction Vs. Reality Vs. Fiction 12/27/2012
12. Imd's 9/22/2012
13. Horror 9/23/2012
14. Bad Day Blues 9/28/2012
Best Poem of Morawn Higgs

Bad Day Blues

Lullaby of distortion
Woke me up,
Perfect overture for the commotion
Snags and tears piled up.

Gas my eyes that I may be blind
Can't stand anymore of this
An overeager godchild ballooned up my mind
I think I'm gonna explode, gonna explode, Miss.

Bad day blues, bad day blues
Do you hear me?
Bad day blues, shoot your boss
Oops, excuse me (heh)

I love my life, I sure do
But now it smells like- ooh!
To the ceiling, dropping like rain
Efforts seem in vain, in vain

Bad day blues, bad day blues
Today, god-day
Bad day blues, ...

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