Moses Rotimi Poems

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She has this look that puzzles the heart,
Her mildness drives sensational heat through the spine,
She breaks through my defenses like through a park of card with the brilliant smiles on her face; she is so intriguing, so charming and so pretty.


Victory At Gethsemane

At the garden of Gethsemane,
Jesus did prevailed with prayer,
There restored He the soul of man,
Fulfiling God's greatest desire.

Face Of Her Look

?Shadow cloak of honest deceit,
Rosy lips of a thorn filled heart,
Spread doom at every visit,
Enemy on friendly path.

The Dead

Welcom wandering soul
Find ye rest in dearing arms
Thy unrest steps a treat pose
And it may do ye harm

Part Of A Whole

Earth's form in red & light gray
Earth was without form & void
Beady eyes that can't avoid
Says, its time to work today

On Salvation

?Torrent tears of woe for all her lost souls
Heaven's cry got me startled on my toes
All have sinned and fell from awesome glory
Angel's sad song, devil's laughing story

My Vehement Resolve

?From deep content of filled bowels
From the abyss of enslaved words
Bane consonants and pall vowels
Lust and lost rampage thougtful wards

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