Jannatul Merry Poems

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Charibala are you too!
Now You are just women as well
After twenty one years at
The ever-known station,


Sound has lost the word
I can not touch top of the
Alp mountain
But I can see the shining white


I built a room in my heart
Time was moving slowly
In Light and dark I just wondered
A shadow in my heart


Bit by bit you are going to be oblivion
When whole world is worried about nine and six
I merely Want to embroidery your eyes on my chest.
You'd rather be blurry

I am learner and whenever I come here it's so confusing. So let's fry again for future post

The Alphabet

When I give a look I see closer to me someone has attached the eternal wall, Annihilated language's trim syllable At my circumambulation.
Who created a road in the
moon's land I don't know it's sketch
Hunter have the stable aiming skills.

That Color Is Pure

If you can, then erase the color
by magic stick
As like fitted an automatic psychical wire in my neurons
I hear about colorful hope though I t's breaks my contemplation.

I Will Be Here Forever

I will be here forever
there wasn't any
Commitment from you
But unseen bond someone created

The Colourful Kite

Next of the window a large pasture
There is no tree
You put the reel on the table
Which is closer to the window

Need Just A Piece Of Ray

Sometimes just reminds me my childhood
We were watching tv with other siblings our mother was busy to cook or prepared our dinner
Load shedding was regular routine
When power goes off i could have never make a simple step to help give a lighter or candle. Because I can not see well in dark.

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