Charubala Poem by Jannatul Merry


Rating: 5.0

Charibala are you too!
Now You are just women as well
After twenty one years at
The ever-known station,
I was in pale white shirt
With grocery bag
Your constraint look
Shy and hidden love
Made me overwhelmed for a moment.

What you left behind it has cam back in my canvas!
In your triphola oily hair
Nyapthalina smells of you sharee
Stuck a laundry store's receipt a corner of your sharee,
Your eye contact, Honest dialogue
Those thing taking in my head
Stay wake until the morning
Became killed so many nights.

Our old brick building
Dumpy reading room
Your beautiful foot
In our mossy yard was so incompatible,
It seemed to me that, you are suffocated, just want to
Leave this ordinary door.

I was invited you fall party,
your kajal wearing eyes,
laughing of cascade
That day Had floated my unknown future's dream children,
Haphazard my love garden
You are not wild flower
That's why didn't waste such flawless, beautiful collection.

Today you look solemn
In you shoulders kashmiri shawl
Black frame glasses
Rich perfume
This city is so unknown to you
Businessman husband, aristocratic
Family, house like a palace
And you look a touchstones
statue of The Hall room.

Ran out me, taken a deep breath and absorbed your royal
body smells
Silently I was seeing you
Your tranquil eyes have lost that past memory,
you merged in the crowd.

Charubala you are the cynosure
I have also sky in my chest
So you are not far from me.

Dr. Antony Theodore 25 January 2021

Your eye contact, Honest dialogue Those thing taking in my head Stay wake until the morning Became killed so many nights. full of passion and desire. a very fine poem. Romance. tony

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3. Moreover, when you use any word from another language (like triphola) , you should give its English equivalent or an explanatory note introducing the word to readers who do not follow the language.

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2) of course, I understand that English is not your mother tongue. So there could be errors. But, it is important to make sure that what you write is readable.

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Dear poet, this looks like a translation from Bongla. A crude translation done by a primary school girl. Replete with missing prepositions, spelling errors, grammatical errors et al. Of course..

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me poet yeps poet 27 January 2021

excellent read my moss smiles poem kindly

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Kostas Lagos 26 January 2021

Wonderful poem. So well crafted

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