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Voices within and voices without
Each disrupting the other.
Sometimes in silence,
Loud and clear the next time.

Leaves are falling
Scattered on the road.
Leaves are red but the road is black

Death not foreshadowed
Death and Shadow
Are One:

The same day with the same familiar smell
I have breathed for long.
When one day ends, another hurries.

On a dull sunday afternoon
a man sitting near the sea watching the sky.
Birds and clouds moving across the horizon.
Peace dwells above

It Is Not
That I Didn't Notice
The Shaking

Every Dawn
Hope Springs
Only To Falter
As The Sun Gets Hotter

Who is he that drinks and dances?
The Reveler, the Fool!
Let’s go and catch him.
He must be for the Victor-team.

Approaches its Dirge
Crumble and Disappear

Repetitive Rhythm
Daily Life

There is no centre left now
Only peripheries and Margins
Yet we try to draw the circle
Can it be possible- circle sans centre.

Am I a failure?
Why can’t I figure out myself?
In my story?
This is my story-No doubt.

This confuses me-

Strange is this world
Strange are we.
We do things that we detest
When we gain consciousness

One room
One window
One door
One man

With the passage of Time
Things start to appear in defferent
Shades and Shadows.
Yet There remains

Time Flies.
Life Too!
I prefer

Birds fly
Wings tired

Amid Priorities
In Life And Art
Amongst The Many
Who Are Very Own

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Symphony Of Life

Voices within and voices without
Each disrupting the other.
Sometimes in silence,
Loud and clear the next time.
And reaching at the conclusion remains
A distant drum-beat.
The more attempts made to grasp its notes
The more discordant it appears.
Life has the only breathing-space left
The mid-point or the intersection
Of voices: within and without
Each disrupting the other
And the music is born
Devoid of harmony, but eternal in nature
We call it-
Noise –The symphony of life.

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Sylvia Frances Chan 13 September 2021

How could YOU as a student write OSSUM? I am shocked, even a non-student writes the right word

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Secret 05 April 2021

Sir I am your student your poem is ossum.You are the poet of new generation towards our bright future

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In the end life becomes an archive of memories.

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