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Sylvia Frances Chan is a Dutch Poetess.
She writes poems in 7 languages. She is able to talk in these languages. Which? Dutch, Indonesian, English, French, German, Malay and Jakarta Dialect.

Sylvia Frances Chan, born in Jakarta, Indonesia studied the English Language-and-Literature at the Ureca University, now the Trisakti University, Jakarta. At ...

Sylvia Frances Chan Poems

The Breath Of Life

The Breath Of Life
To smell The Sun
to feel The Wind
to breathe the Fresh Air from within

Grow Old With You?

Grow old with you?
Come on, sit down on my knees
I'll tell you about the butterflies and the bees
Now I am still young forever

Silence Is The Entrance....

Below the water surface
I put down my foundations
to build a house
with a tiny room

Inspired By The Lord....

Inspired by The Lord
(Psalm 133: 3)

How pleasant to live in harmony

Dr. Pintu Mahakul, Heartiest Congratulations To You!

Dear Dr. Pintu Mahakul,

Heartiest CongratulationsTo You!

Sylvia Frances Chan Quotes

14 May 2017

'A Mother is the complete human being on earth, the caring and loving person, the only one to whom daughters write the greatest tribute, the safest place to come home... a Mother is like Home....' (Sylvia Frances Chan) from her poem: 'My Tribute to MOTHER.....Day'

07 November 2017

Mediocrity Today....? It does not exist in my vocabulary that's why I love Voltaire he had such a faced air, really it's all in mine vocabulary.... from the poem WOMEN, WARRIORS OF HONOR by © Sylvia France Chan.

21 December 2017

It is the mind that speaks and never stops.

14 January 2018

The most difficult deed to conquer yourself especially in times of need

02 May 2018

The eyes of a photographer sees the scene, the camera does its working technically, but to have a painting photographed like this, you must have the Bliss, my dearest friend....and you HAVE and POSSESS that Bliss, I am sure since I have the evidence: This Poem Photography by your Golden Mind....the Mind sees the scene and commands the Eyes, your Eyes....and Please start reading above over again, and the circle is completed (Quotation by me, hihi) for the photography of dearest Janey

Sylvia Frances Chan Comments

WOW! This exactly you wrote on FB too and MPS. I feel flattered AND honored.. God's Blessings in Abundance be upon you. Thank you so much, this means a very lot to me!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 11 February 2018

Thank you so much, Dr. Pintu Mahakul for your ardent approach. Sincerest, Sylvia Frances Chan, Dutch Poetess

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Dr Dillip K Swain 12 April 2019

The most admirable poetess to me, my most favored poetess Sylvia Frances Chan. ‘Grow Old With You’ and ‘Silence is the Entrance’ are two of your invaluable creations which I read again and again! My hats off for thee, Dear friend. I give thee the most loving and precious care. Wish you a sparkling literary journey! Stay always happy and blessed!

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Mahtab Bangalee 11 February 2019

Sylvia Frances Chan poetess of beautiful thought provoker

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Luz Hanaii 23 October 2018

Such an accomplished human being, who happens to be so loving and down to earth, a wonderful mother, wife, poetess and friend. She truly is a gift to this world and to any site she happens to share her poems in. May you always be blessed as you are a true blessing to those of us who know you. God be with you always.

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john (called jack) wren 06 September 2021

Hi Sylvia, I hope you are well, many thanks for all your very kind comments on my poetry, your query about the yellow pimpernel there are in red and also blue beautiful little flowers mostly seen on walls. thank you again stay safe my friend best regards Jack y

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Robert Murray Smith 29 August 2021

Dear Sylvia has poetry at her fingertips, in many languages. All her poems are definitely worth reading.

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tabasom azadee 05 August 2021

Hello dear sylvia, I invite you to read my last poem called My Heart Is Your Heaven

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tabasom azadee 05 August 2021

My Heart Is Your Heaven

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tabasom azadee 04 August 2021

I'm sorry is it's name

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