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The Breath Of Life
To smell The Sun
to feel The Wind
to breathe the Fresh Air from within

Grow old with you?
Come on, sit down on my knees
I'll tell you about the butterflies and the bees
Now I am still young forever

Below the water surface
I put down my foundations
to build a house
with a tiny room

Inspired by The Lord
(Psalm 133: 3)

How pleasant to live in harmony

Dear Dr. Pintu Mahakul,

Heartiest CongratulationsTo You!

Last night so cold my dear,
I'd been waitin' you came not to my ear
where were you, my love
gone I was shocked, prayed to God above

Your voice is like music to the ears
your whisper is like the soften breeze
you may wander daily anywhere, but never lose the way
I'll remain still healthy even though I sleep outside in the hay

Good Morning, Good Noon, Good Afternoon and Good Evening,

For Peace of Mind

Love is love as we all understand
as far as our mind and heart can comprehend
it is the most caring heart at hand
and the sweetest mind to understand

Back From Beauteous Normandy….

I still remember the light blue skies
touches the bright seablue horizon

Rose Marie is her name Juan-Austin her surname.
Rare Jewel is the title of honour given to her earlier
I try to create an Acrostic for Poem Hunter's most elegant and beautiful poetess,

I have heard this from a good friend
and I regard that story as precious and very important
so I have mine like this in an Essay Poem:

I Think Of You
(short words but thoroughly honest)

when I see dry leaves

I shall compose a Song for thee
a loveliest Song of my Heart
each day I will do the best part
to feel the least suppressed me

I have heard that and I forgot to tell
Second day of Easter Holiday is a hell:
They told me through the phone:
Huge queues at Manchester Airport,

Ik heb van alle drie jullie gedichten gelezen
En ik heb ware emotie en vreugde gevonden,
Jullie drie zijn geweldige dichteressen,
Diepe toewijding en doorzettingsvermogen,

The Creator, oh yes!
I do this morning my opulent zest,

for He is Love

Finally, she has found her home,

a most beautiful, gigantic paradise-alike dome

turn on 'Protection against infection'

After the spies returned and
shared their bad report,

Just simple and easy words for you my beloved
but really fascinating
when my heart sings

Sylvia Frances Chan Biography

About the Poetess SYLVIA FRANCES CHAN, Dutch Poetess HER BIOGRAPHY: Sylvia Frances Chan, born in Jakarta on 22 November, Indonesia studied the English Language-and-Literature at the Trisakti University, Jakarta, Indonesia. She talks in several languages, her mother tongue is Dutch, then she speaks Indonesian, English, German, French, Malay, and the Jakarta Dialect. About her Languages: She understands almost all dialects in The Netherlands, and there are 11 or more dialects. Also the Liemers dialect and closest to the Liemers, the German border dialect is also called the Liemers, but with a German accent. That from the Dutch Liemers is with a Dutch accent. From all Dutch dialects, that of Friesland and Limburg, she knows as best. About her State of being: She is a lecturer for students through iPhone and an evangelist on Websites, and through iPhone, but never in churches. She loves her private time being alone with her Art, Work, and Study. For both, she has graduated. But she loves traveling too, all over the Globe. Everyone writes the word TRAVELLING with two l, but she prefers to write it with ONE letter l Some humorous stories from her experience in the USA: They say: you are a certified evangelist (one with a certificate) . She was surprised that the Americans put stress on the name 'certificated' or 'certified'. Just an observation, that´s all. The North Americans are very nice, they all greeted her every day with Have A Nice Day. Every time the same greetings when she left a restaurant, a shopping mall, or other department stores Being Grateful: She is still grateful to her late beloved Mum that her Mum was the one who pushed her in getting that certificate. Her Mum was an autodidact- evangelist, but one who truly believes in Jesus/God. Through her beloved Mum, she learned how to live closest to God. When her Mum died, she had no regrets, since every single wish her Mum had asked, she had done all, as a grateful daughter. They were quite busy times for her since her Mum resided in Indonesia and she herself in the Netherlands, a 13 or 14 hours flight one way to Indonesia When she came to settle in the NL, first in Leyden, Haarlem, and then she moved to the lovely town of D., where the sunshine and the sun rays are the longest in all four seasons throughout the year, and of all other provinces in the NL, but the winters are oftentimes the coldest, but dry weather, not as moist as in Leyden or Haarlem, two towns near the Noordzee (the North Sea) . Of course, they are moist because the North Sea (water) is their border. Her Other Activities: Besides poetry she also writes prose-poetry, story poems, narrations, and essays, she paints, draws, plays chess, does car-racing (Dallas, USA, and Zandvoort, Nederland) , Big balloons (San Diego) , walkings, plays tennis in Annual Competitions Mondially, skiing (Serfaus, Nauders, S.) , classical music, pop, R&B, reading. She had many painting exhibitions in and over the country. At the age of 15, she had her first group paintings-expositions and was the youngest exposed in the Balai Budaya of Jakarta, Indonesia. She won several first prizes at the age of 11 and 12 years. With her cartoons plus text-story and with her pen drawings, she was the headline of the JavaBode Youth Section and with her three essays in the Indonesian Observer Youth section too. In Chess-competitions too, there were no prizes for girls. The Org. knew that girls would never win, but she won and she accepted that first prize, though, for a boy, she thought she was the winner, the champion amongst boys and girls. Of course, she accepted that prize in fact for a boy. The Org. Committee announced that they had not a prize for a girl. Now this: she won the first prize too in a golf tournament, but this time she got the most beautiful and expensive prize. Different than with a tennis tournament, the golf tournament for amateurs was for both sexes together. She won from a male player, she got the trophy and he became the runner-up. She won a car racing for amateurs in Dallas, Texas (USA) . In tennis competitions, she won many first prizes in the lady's single and ladies' double. Her tennis team was constantly in the Top Ranking. Many champion cups filled her cupboard at her home. She won the mix too. A best friend said that IF she did not go to the university, she had won several Grand Slam tournaments like Wimbledon, Australian Open, or Roland Garros, and....she would have become a true professional and she would be traveling all over the world and her life would be entirely different. Now about her creating poetry. When she is creating, she does do that with a kind of humming a tune and that's why there is always a smooth flow in almost all her poems. TUESDAY 2-2-2022 On marketing are already Emeralds Green, a Poem Book by Xlibris. Press, UK. and Who's Who in Poetry International (Vol II) an Anthology by Judy Lynn, Cal. The USA. Lecturer, poetess, prose-poems, story-poems, narrations, essay writer, critic, paintress (impressionism) , designer of online cards, cartoonist, and quotations. Poems published on websites such as SpillWords, Kalaage, The Literary Yard, Facebook, Poemhunter, Hello Poetry, Allpoetry, Poetry.Com (editor Judy Lynn) , and MyPoeticSide. Sylvia Frances Chan has an Art Page on Annual Reunion Trisakti University in Jakarta, Indonesia, where she declamates her own poems. She graduated in the Engl. Language-and-Literature. Born In Jakarta, Indonesia, she resides now in the Netherlands, where she enjoys walking, breathing the free air, and creating poems under the deep blue sky as free as the flying gulls around her….She is oft to find in the two cities of JAKARTA, Indonesia, and AMSTERDAM, Nederland Dear Respected Master Poet Kumarmani Mahakul Sir conferred a title of honour to Sylvia Frances Chan as ' Wonder Jasmin'. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING A.D.TUESDAY 2-2-2022 A PALINDROME DATE and 221122 is also A PALINDROME DATE)

The Best Poem Of Sylvia Frances Chan

The Breath Of Life

The Breath Of Life
To smell The Sun
to feel The Wind
to breathe the Fresh Air from within
to experience The Stormy Weather
to walk on Top Of The Ocean
to talk with The Highest Emotion
to live The Real Life
to know The Real Love
to say Good Morning to The Dove
those are Steps in The Breath of Life
those are Parts in The Breath of Our Life
we'd care for it with Gentle Love, no knife

© Sylvia Frances Chan - Sat Aug 13 - 2011
copyright - All Rights Reserved

Sylvia Frances Chan Comments

Sylvia Frances Chan 09 May 2017

WOW! This exactly you wrote on FB too and MPS. I feel flattered AND honored.. God's Blessings in Abundance be upon you. Thank you so much, this means a very lot to me!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 11 February 2018

Thank you so much, Dr. Pintu Mahakul for your ardent approach. Sincerest, Sylvia Frances Chan, Dutch Poetess

23 0 Reply
Dr Dillip K Swain 12 April 2019

The most admirable poetess to me, my most favored poetess Sylvia Frances Chan. ‘Grow Old With You’ and ‘Silence is the Entrance’ are two of your invaluable creations which I read again and again! My hats off for thee, Dear friend. I give thee the most loving and precious care. Wish you a sparkling literary journey! Stay always happy and blessed!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 12 September 2018

Sylvia Frances Chan - Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul Serenity she has with success of traveling the world, Yearns she before God for eternal and divine bliss, Love she has for God and for all creatures' Vastness of knowledge she has in service of mankind, Intelligence blossoms in her mind with morality, Attentive very she is towards her attitudes. (part-1)

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Kumarmani Mahakul 30 September 2018

This following poem is written as a tribute to our fellow poetess Sylvia Frances Chan. Along with this acrostic poem on behalf of all fellow poets and family in PH we offer a title of honour to Sylvia Frances Chan as, Wonder Jasmine (Vraag me af Jasmijn) From today on-wards she will be known as Wonder Jasmine Sylvia Frances Chan. In Dutch she will be known as Vraag me af Jasmijn Sylvia Frances Chan.

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Nduka Glory 29 January 2022

Wow! this are beautiful words

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Rebecca Navarre 12 January 2022

Poems of such heart, beauty, nature and inspiration she shares! .. That touches the heart, inspires, and guides us toward Gods loving path! .. Thank you dear Sylvia for your poetry and beautiful heart here! .. Your friend becca

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 25 December 2021

Dearest Sylvia, You are a wonderful Poetess with so much of love in your heart. May your pen flow with more and more poems with devotion to God and warm affection to your family and friends. Stay blessed always!

0 0 Reply
Alexander Zingman 15 November 2021

Thanks for sharing....

0 0 Reply
Alexander Zingman 15 November 2021

Thank You for Sharing this.... Really i like it

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Sylvia Frances Chan Quotes

'A Mother is the complete human being on earth, the caring and loving person, the only one to whom daughters write the greatest tribute, the safest place to come home... a Mother is like Home....' (Sylvia Frances Chan) from her poem: 'My Tribute to MOTHER.....Day'

Mediocrity Today....? It does not exist in my vocabulary that's why I love Voltaire he had such a faced air, really it's all in mine vocabulary.... from the poem WOMEN, WARRIORS OF HONOR by © Sylvia France Chan.

It is the mind that speaks and never stops.

The most difficult deed to conquer yourself especially in times of need

The eyes of a photographer sees the scene, the camera does its working technically, but to have a painting photographed like this, you must have the Bliss, my dearest friend....and you HAVE and POSSESS that Bliss, I am sure since I have the evidence: This Poem Photography by your Golden Mind....the Mind sees the scene and commands the Eyes, your Eyes....and Please start reading above over again, and the circle is completed (Quotation by me, hihi) for the photography of dearest Janey

today she prefers to wear the pink glasses though she knows the raw reality of brutal mankind and of pure jealousy till today she has only the darkest glasses....

A Friend is one who'll always try to lift your spirits high A friend will know the tears are nigh Before they reach your eye

My Friend! Though I may never meet you And our paths may never cross I know that what we have Shal never ever be lost

Time flies - snail wise

God nurtures with the greatest devotion and greatest love His lost creatures with the greatest patience and human emotions

Words are Important, Powerful and Precious, they come through our mouth after having been examined in our Mind.

Words are Important, Powerful and Precious, they come through our mouth after having been examined in our Mind.

GOD: We as earthly human beings must be happy and feel loved because we believe in God, the Only God of the Holy Scriptures, because God loves us very much. His love is non-comparable.

To have a generous heart is so difficult but to have a good heart is easy, be just good to each other Sylvia Frances Chan

To have a loving heart toward a person Has not the obligation to love the person Sylvia Frances Chan

To have a caring heart toward a person In reality you have to really care for that person Not just outwardly Sylvia Frances Chan

We cannot be sure of a person´s love oft we are disappointed but one Love we can trust and be sure of is the love of the Lord He is to be trusted He will never disappoint us! Sylvia Frances Chan

The wise person in the world is my beloved Mother in heaven and the wisest on earth is my beloved father in heaven please never think that here is meant beloved father God by Sylvia Frances Chan

the best and wisest person on earth is the person who talks with the heart

MY QUOTES: zaterdag 23 mei 2020 Love is the most complete thing we need since the womb, during life and afterwards in God's love we find everything we are looking for spiritual, comfort, peace, tranquility, tranquility, full love, humble, selflessness, direct answer to all our questions... DE VERTALING: Liefde is het meest complete wat we nodig hebben sinds de baarmoeder, tijdens het leven en daarna in Gods liefde vinden we alles wat we zoeken spiritueel, troost, vrede, kalmte, rust, volle liefde, nederig, onbaatzuchtig-heid, rechtstreekse beantwoording van al onze vragen....

Genial And Genius Brilliant people endlessly inspire each other A genius person constantly inspires in solitude, you have to notice that with your great intelligence, there is the greatest tense, no prime nor pride always hidden worldwide.... with a wink to Mensa from Sylvia © SFC AD Weekend 26 June 2020.

What is Beauteous? Nothing to do with ugly it's beauteous, grandious! from her haiku poem © Sylvia Frances Chan - All Rights Reserved Wednesday 9-9-2020

Ancient Chinese Proverb So many roads to the Top of the mountain, but the view are constantly the same

If there IS action that is working on now not a myriad words about yesterday or tomorrow DO it! action is NOW! © Tuesday 26 January 2021

Poetry is our passion, our love, our life it is our lifeblood! Sylvia Frances Chan

As long as you remain the humble self, one day you will become special though, as sure as what!

Let the world turn angry let the world turn war as long as there is in your mind honesty peace be with you constantly

Peace be with you peace be with me peace be with eternity peace derived from the Holy Trinity peace be with you till eternity

serenity was needed in our heart's part since it darts too oft not loud but very soft

Survival of the fittest? Better say Survival of the Mortals (from the Survivals Of The Fittest)

Love is blind but it is palpable

The loudest they shout, the fakest they are! (Fake humanists)

Wars are caused by the myriads ego not by the WE but by the sum of all the 'i'

cience is constantly revolutionizing like unwilling horses in a destined competition

With faith, hope and love our future is secured above

Cooperation is The solid foundation (newest quote by Sylvia Frances Chan)

Samenwerking der talen: Zonder opwinding, is het leven niet interesting Sylvia Frances Chan, Dutch Poetess

In Beauty resides Love

Happiness is not to be worded, it must be felt. My Quote for today tomorrow is my genius Bro's Birthday.

Sylvia Frances Chan Popularity

Sylvia Frances Chan Popularity

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