Ms. Anika Martinez

Rookie (Feb 16,1973 / Washingtion DC)

Ms. Anika Martinez Poems

1. The Describtion Of A Womachild..... 12/27/2008
2. Misery And I 12/27/2008
3. There Is Nothing... 12/27/2008
4. Lost In Darkness... 12/27/2008
5. Mind Wilderness... 12/27/2008
6. The Whoa 12/27/2008
7. I Can’t See Pass The Bull-. 12/28/2008
8. American Vision 12/28/2008
9. Dear Dope Dealer, 12/28/2008
10. Am I? 1/2/2009
11. Let Me Breath... 1/15/2009
12. The Road Is Long... 1/15/2009
13. Can You Understand? 1/15/2009
14. Woman I Am... 1/15/2009
15. Set Me Free... 1/15/2009
16. Drop In Emotions... 1/17/2009
17. You Say No! 1/17/2009
18. Momma's Seed... 1/17/2009
19. Just A Thought... 1/17/2009
20. Dream Of Fears... 1/17/2009
21. Self Esteem... 1/18/2009
22. Reminding Fear... 1/17/2009
23. My Special Interest... 12/29/2008
24. Do Not Blame Me... 1/15/2009
25. Wrapped In Chocolate 12/27/2008
26. Here I Am... 1/15/2009
27. I Love You To Death... 12/29/2008
28. I Hate You! 12/28/2008
29. I Am Not That Girl... 1/15/2009
30. Peace Of Mind... 1/15/2009
31. Family Love... 1/17/2009
Best Poem of Ms. Anika Martinez

Family Love...

The love of the family is so sweet
Very unique
The love of the family holds a special bond of concern for the unknown
The love of the family strengthen as the years past from birth to adulthood
The love of the family is mine to have
The love of the is my family love
Pure love
My love of the family is known to me
How appreciate my love of my family

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Lost In Darkness...

Lost in on a dark and rainy road. Trying to feel my way through the rain and fog. Lost in the dark. Lonely there's no one insight. Frighten of the wolves that hear howlling in the distance fog. I just want to go home. Lost and desperate for mankind words speech. Anger welling inside, from the fear that festers within me. Lost in the dark.
Is anyone out there looking for me? Do anyone know I am lost in this wilderness? Trapped.

I scream for help. The only sound of others is the echo of my own

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