Muhammad Shanazar

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Muhammad Shanazar is a poet from Pakistan, he started his career from very humble beginnings. He had keen interest in getting education and his hard work led him to the heights of success. After having done Master in English Literature, he served for three years in Police Department then he got an opportunity in Higher Education Department as a le ...
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A Desire
I wish I were a seasonal bird,
That travels flying around the world,
With sweet companionship of a partner,
Whose heart knows nothing except,
A Deformed Angel
Sometimes life gives us severe shock,
Undermines the plans and does block,
The ways of wisdom leading ahead,
Reveals the hands that secretly mock.
The Paragon (Mother)
A paragon of patience,
A model of sacrifice,
Clad in clothes,
Rough, drab and dull.
Why I Write?
When indelible memories of the past,
Torment my heart and mind; I write.

When mist floats in front of the eyes,
A Dream
Alongside the wide gray road stood I,
To watch a procession passed by,
Of the damsels, rather all in teen,
Of the same size height and colour,


Uzma Jamil 28 September 2007
Prof. Muhammad Shanazar sees poetry in an artist to help the suppressed creative energies. Creativity is necessary for survival and it requires both imagination and logic. Through his poetry it is a magical way of reaching feelings and emotions, the sub-concious and natural energies. His depiction on certain themes is remarkble, vivid, startling and yet truthful.His thoughts are of a bold and daring kind which a few poets would venture to use or even imagine.A simple picture is often seen painted by the use og truly felicitous words.Though a depth is found in some verses.Invariably one single image is not yeilded which is the meaning.The meaning flourishes as the poem moves.The insight of Prof. Muhammad Shanazar both awakens the imagination to work, and is, in turn sharpened by it where it is at work.It shows that when his creative gifts were engaged they were inspired by their sense of the mystery of things to probe then with a peculiar insight and to shape their discoveries into imaginative forms.He combines imagination and truth because their creations are inspired by a peculiar insight. There is something magical in his poetry which seems pleasing to the sight and sound.Each poem is a jewel in itself, whiich has a specific charm in every angle and every aspect.The success of his words is partly the result of a highly discriminating art. His innocence becomes inviolable when the love of humanity becomes naked.He is poet of peace, harmony and love.His romanticism is thus culminated in the concluding lines: 'If the childhood be a commodity, And I had the heap of gold, And wealth countless and untold, I would buy without bargain, The dreamy age second time. In some heart rendering themes he can be seen as the poet of humanity and wider sympathy.He has a skill to draw tears and melt hearts.The feeling of the departure of a person is very aptly potrait in the poem 'The Real Game' 'In the evening they shouldered the cot, The procession advanced leaving me depressed, Turned the corner, with the sacred chorus. I stood stunned in the middle of the yard Staring to the street, questioning the walls, ''Why had they not taken me along? '' At night I cried aloud when I found, An empty bed laid in the deserted corner, I sought under the cots, behind the doors, Where she did hide, but could not find. A pair of shoes, the clothes on cord, Consoled me well, told me the truth, Ah! The real game she had played. The simplicity of his words does not deprive them of their depth. It is both simple and profound.Reading his poems provides enjoyment as the essence of purity is found.The bitter experience of the materialistic world is seen The miseries of the man is felt under the blue sky. An intellectual mind is required to catch the flash of his observing eyes. His concentration of his thoughts is connected in his swiftness of expression.The qualities of minuteness and vividness way that Prof. Muhammad Shanazar accepts life with all its pain and despair. 'After striking against the rocks, Vibrating echoes become still. Feeble cries reach no ears, Changing bodies into ghosts, Unabated miseries lure to death. His keen observation presentrs the maturity of his style. He has the knack of capturing the most essential detail and of compelling our attention. His language is concise, exact and concentrated.Each and every wordv proves an essential part of the poem. The power of seeing things with sobriety is the temper of Prof. Muhammad Shanazar. He presents things they are and does not impite his own feelings.He keeps his individuality alive, tjhrogh a particular angle gifted to his nature.The poetry of Prof.Muhammad Shanazar has its own origin, its own footing and its own reasons.His poetry reflects strong emotional and spritual experiences.He has a power to feel others in himself.Prof.Muhammad Shanazar is wit a particular angle of understanding. His thoughts have also fled over the daughter of Eve painting: 'The erect spectrum of pestilent radiance, Provokes more in the stifled hearts, Scornful pangs of the burning blothes, The disdained despised daughter of Eve, Forlorn in thoughts perhaps thinks, That fate might have committed an error, Placing her on the wrong side of the road. He writes poetry only on what he feels upon his senses.His philosophical thoughts show us the world of reality. He has the qualites of a true and great poet. And a great poet is not a mystic, he is a doer, a maker, a creator a revealer. His poetry is not only rich in line, colour, light and shade and sound but it is also rich in images of theorganic sensations.He penetrates into the cores of the heart orv tries to grasp even the tiny bit of it.Poetry comes to him natuarully and spontaneously. His poetry is bound to be given its due place it truly deserves.I deeply appreciate the depth of his work and wish him success at dawn, at sunset and all the hours between. I pray for his mammoth success. Uzma Jamil.
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