Muharrem Soyek Poems

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How To Tell!

Would you hear my voice
If I cry in my verses?
Could you touch my tears
With your gentle fingers?

September The Eleventh Day

Hisakis and Yuharas and many of thousands
They can't tell, they're all dead
'But I'll tell you! ' Grandpa History said
Were suddenly incandescent all the blue sky

How Much İstanbul

İf love was handled with trust and honest
Every woman should open an Istanbul fest
Color in color her windows full of geranium
But you would also open a full purple love tree

Moonlight Bosphorus

Full moon comes down shiny on the water
A cool breeze passes
July night on the Bosphorus
The silver breath of the moon whisper

Way To Make Heaven

Here, the imagination of experience;
There, the wisdom of conscience;
What you say I hear,
Too much here and too much there!

Heart Feeding

You have salt
You have no sugar
You have pain
You have no taste!

Space Of Missing

Holden hands
flaming hearts
and jumping dreams
They are no longer with me

Love Sunset The Last

Looks in its pensive mist
Sorrowful longings,
Wishful in the lonely heart
Hope bleeds…

The Only Miracle

A gift to the universal meaning
Human is a marvelous miracle,
No matter how and for what we are created
We the miracle knew itself by the earth time

Ropes Of Destiny

Lying is productive
Gives out forty to one
All forty wear wedding dresses
And all ride the horses of truth.

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