Murali Ramanath Poems

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The New Year

The New Year
a new year comes here
and another year goes there.

The Child

The child is lonely at her home
yet she is homely at her rome

walks alone without fear and tear

Americans Pain

Indeed to be a american is a great pain
every second in war with the world to win
you open your eye lids on a nuclear mine
closing the eyes to truth and beauty - gods twin

Breathing The Dark Air

breathing the dark air with only one nostril
running on thin hands with thick bill
flying with stretched legs to the dollar hill
in hurry, the dried curry our stomachs fill

It Is A Hiv Virus

IT IS a highly infectious virus
at first bloomed and strengthened us
finally bursting into downright madness
all men are techies in the latest census;

Be As You Are

close your eyes and mouth to the worlds noise
turn your ears to the inner silent voice

simplest and the greatest unknown art

Dont Strain Your Kid From Nine To Nine

unduly strain not his brain
let him earn his own grain
supreme spirit lies latent in his vein

Young Lads Life

a young lad with a brain full of smart muscle
entered the test hall to solve a random puzzle;


Everyone racing to be the dumb sheep

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