Francis Duggan Murder Poems

The Death Penalty Is Murder

You go to your house of worship to your God to pray
But that your Government execute people with you is okay
When you tell me that all bad people deserve to die
Are you trying to say Moses Fifth Commandment is a lie?

To Me The Death Penalty Is Murder

Some Governments order the execution of drug runners after they have spent many years in jail
This is their idea of morality through justice but by their actions their ideas they do fail
Drug runners may not be good people but the death penalty for them or anyone unjustified
To have the death penalty in place in their constitution to any government should not be a sense of pride

On The Murder Of Daniel Buckley

Some stories of local war history ought not to be told
Since they only reopen the mental scars of old
The story by historian Jack Lane on the Millstreet Website is not new one can say
Only goes to prove that bad memories of foul acts do not die in a day

House Of Murder

Rat holes by the kitchen door
And roaches crawling around the floor
Home for cockroach, rat and mouse
Old Dan Nash's little house.

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