On The Murder Of Daniel Buckley Poem by Francis Duggan

On The Murder Of Daniel Buckley

Some stories of local war history ought not to be told
Since they only reopen the mental scars of old
The story by historian Jack Lane on the Millstreet Website is not new one can say
Only goes to prove that bad memories of foul acts do not die in a day

The murder of Daniel Buckley of Millstreet Town was murder by Nature and murder by name
It took people far worse than he was to commit such a crime of great shame
His life taken from him in the cruelest and foulest way
In an unmarked grave in a field his last remains left to decay

To deliberately sever anyone from their life's dreaming is a terrible crime
His life taken from him before he reached his physical prime
Daniel Buckley had a mother who loved him as well as a dad
The darker side of humanity can be so very bad

Another story i remember from my youth that happened in Rathmore in a field by a bog
An old man branded as an informer by freedom fighters was gunned down like a dog
The allegation against him were later proven to be quite untrue
Informer or not a better death than this is anybody's due

Some of the so called Millstreet armed robbers as a boy i knew
And of far worse people than they were i have known of quite a few
Perhaps then in their eighties time had left them gray
Quite amiable old fellows not bad in any way

Execution is murder by another name
And murder in any case is an act of shame
Daniel Buckley's murderers for their crimes were never made for to pay
But then suppose bad things happen to people every day.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: war
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