Lionel Fogarty Murderer Poems


You know I'd like to tell you a story
But I'm afraid
I won't use names.
I thought
now what if I get out of this chair
and walk to the cupboard
get the gun
load it up
and shoot
any white person
that walks
pass this chair
and any black
that cry for them.

I thought
when they're shot
I get out my best knife
cut the heart out
then stuff it in their mouth
until it went down to the gut.

I thought
I must slice off the balls
and shove
in the eyeballs
with blood
spitting out of the nose.

I thought I'll put it in the moiu (arse)
to smell the filth
of the white man's brain.
I screwed the neck around
until purple, green and white
lit the face.

I tightly moved my legs
onto his screaming belly.
A silence came
but my pain was still the same.
My legs shook
out of my reality.

A pig (policeman) killed my arms
He laughed and said
"You black bastard
what did he do to you?"
I said
"You make my father's afraid
then give them a carved body
ready to shatter,
A mind
held in drunkenness
and worn out.
You make my mother's afraid
so when she sleeps
an axe appears
covered in blood."

Look pig
What you do to our people.

Who cares
I'm locked up here
With no arms
No legs
But a body
And mind
My spirit.
But I'm not going to be afraid.
You don't make me afraid.
Beware, we'll be out of your prisons.

I was afraid to write this one
real thing
but remember
Your Enemy
Ours TOO.

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