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My Mother
How I wonder who you are
What a deity you are
I love to bow at your feet

Good bye the black mamba
O Kobe Bryant
What a talent was you
Kobe the tremendous

500 dreadful days gone by
My CHIBOK is still missing
My eyes still stared in disbelief
My mouth is all wide agape

Lagos (EKO) Wenjele a place of wisdom
A place of Money
A place of wealth
No river can flow like the Eti-osa

Mr Goody bag
What will make you know this goody bag?
It is a goody~goody
A Two point in one big goody bag

  

Change, Changi and Shangiliti-
They are liars
Ah! Men are liars
The mouth of a liar sheds no blood

You make me sick odd man
Why are you eating me to the bone
Then leave me hungry everyday
You are always welcome to pasture

I weep for thee, oh CHIBOK
Oh My beloved Chibok
Oh, my daughters
How I missed you CHIBOK

Power Absolute
A serenity up root
A beauty scar
A blood flow in the Oil City

Nigerian Centenary Celebration:
A show of shame-
Who can dare you-
Power show of shame-

A New Regime~
They fired no shots
No one elects them
Possessors of mighty hands

Aesthetic prolific exquisite
That's what you are
Beautiful young cerebral
A sparkle of full moons

When I first set my eyes on you
It was in the night
It was something else
It was like a dream

Mission Ilashe
The Samaritans regale in Green colours
In White horses they rode
A motoring from Lekki, Ikeja and Surulere

His light shone so bright the eyes dazed
We saw mouths wide open
Tongues wagged for him like a dog's tail
This is a twinkle, twinkle new star

Show me your friends
I will tell you who you are
Do you know Paddy and his friends
They are the friends you don't have

One billion dollar was found in your home
When did your home become a central bank
Your car suddenly becomes a bullion van
When did you start printing money

Bye-bye Mr grass cutter
May your road be smooth
As smooth as a grass cutter's field
Did you know the famished road

Benue wears black
Oh what a day Benue wears black
We wore black and cried for help
Help help help us

The Best Poem Of Murtaza Micky Yusuf

My Mother...

My Mother
How I wonder who you are
What a deity you are
I love to bow at your feet
Longing for your motherly glances
You held my two hands and pulled me up
As we tango in a warm embrace
I felt your motherly warmth again
A bloody rush through the memory lane
How would forget my mother
I feel your presence wherever I go
Your whispers is my alleyway
Your thoughts are my fresh morning dew
Your undying love is my best souvenir
I can never pay you back enough
My breathe of life
How I wonder what you are

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When you love a woman, without being loved back, it is like work without pay

When you love a woman, and you are loved back, it is like paradise on earth

I think it is wrong, if its not a crime, for a public officer to live in luxury and the tax payers, live in penury

If a rapist is not sent to jail, then the law is a rape and an accomplice of crime and injustice

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Murtaza Micky Yusuf Popularity

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