Murtaza Micky Yusuf Poems

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My Mother...

My Mother
How I wonder who you are
What a deity you are
I love to bow at your feet

Good Bye The Black Mamba

Good bye the black mamba
O Kobe Bryant
What a talent was you
Kobe the tremendous

Muhammad Ali: The Stings And The Bee-Stinger...

His light shone so bright the eyes dazed
We saw mouths wide open
Tongues wagged for him like a dog's tail
This is a twinkle, twinkle new star

Friends With Benefits...

Show me your friends
I will tell you who you are
Do you know Paddy and his friends
They are the friends you don't have

Money Missed Road...

One billion dollar was found in your home
When did your home become a central bank
Your car suddenly becomes a bullion van
When did you start printing money

Mr Grass Cutter...

Bye-bye Mr grass cutter
May your road be smooth
As smooth as a grass cutter's field
Did you know the famished road

Benue Wears Black

Benue wears black
Oh what a day Benue wears black
We wore black and cried for help
Help help help us

Dapchi 110 Horribleness

It was like a nightmare
BUT the Sons of Gun dared us
The daredevil hits us so bad again
They laid their hands on the Dapchi girls

The Creek Is Still Dirty....

The Creek is dirty
An attitude of uncleanliness
Neither fish nor humans can live on it
A caricature of its once bubbling looks

Chibok Girls

I weep for thee, oh CHIBOK
Oh My beloved Chibok
Oh, my daughters
How I missed you CHIBOK

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