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Strange Love

You put my life in a place
That‘s full of love and happiness
You swept away the sadness
That you‘d seen in my lonely eyes

I Believe In Him

Goal is a goal
Dream is a dream
It doesn't matter if it's for your family nor for yourself
Only you can make it happen

What Is Love?

Love is the sweetest emotion in our lives.
It lightens up our feelings when we're in love.
It gives us inspiration and determination,

Love In A Great Throe

When I saw you walking down the street
I hurriedly hugged you with wintersweet
I'd waited for this moment for years
Now's the right time to tell you my feelings

The Tiny Silver Birds In A Blue Pine

I was walking alone in a lonely place
With a cute smile that's always on my face
When I heard the birds singing in a choir
Loud but soft that you will surely admire

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'A Blogger Writer, A Solo Traveler, A Book Lover, An Anime Lover, A Planner Collector, A Not-Well-Known Poet, and A Daydreamer! '

I am an aspiring author. I have always wanted to write and publish my book but, I have lots of ideas on my mind - rumpled ideas, actually. I started writing a poem instead in 2012, dreaming to have it published once I a ...

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