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You put my life in a place
That‘s full of love and happiness
You swept away the sadness
That you‘d seen in my lonely eyes

Goal is a goal
Dream is a dream
It doesn't matter if it's for your family nor for yourself
Only you can make it happen

Love is the sweetest emotion in our lives.
It lightens up our feelings when we're in love.
It gives us inspiration and determination,

When I saw you walking down the street
I hurriedly hugged you with wintersweet
I'd waited for this moment for years
Now's the right time to tell you my feelings

I was walking alone in a lonely place
With a cute smile that's always on my face
When I heard the birds singing in a choir
Loud but soft that you will surely admire

Hop! Hop! Hop!
Here goes the small map
Rolling slowly at the top

The night sky was full of shining stars,
Smiling brightly, even some are afar.
"My child, just look above you and smile,
And we‘ll wipe away the tears in your eyes."

As I watched you alone from afar
Looking up blithely at the stars
I saw the happiness in your eyes
So much in love that you can't deny

Hard as it may seem again
Staring with all the pain
Bear in mind 'twas just a game
But in heart, it was a shame

I was standing at the corner,
Woefully staring at nowhere.
Buildings were calmly liquefying,
Roads were long and quietly crossing.

I found myself walking barefooted under the rain
On a cold, dark, and lonely night
I was alone, shivering and freezin'
In a white nightgown

Sitting sadly alone on my bedside
With tears in my eyes that I cannot hide
Staring at the dark and quiet sky
Waiting for the shooting star to pass by

Close your eyes,
And take a deep breath.
Close your eyes,
And forget the pain in your chest.

Flowers in bloom, fields in green
Trees grow fast, and leaves were dancin'.
The sun was shining brightly,
The kids were playing happily.

I may be a butterfly
That makes flowers smile
I may be a night sky
That gives you a peaceful mind

The moment that I saw your sweet smile,
I can't help myself not to keep an eye on it.
Butterflies were happily flying around,
While holding my breath on the ground.

Sun rays are peeping
A clear sky is shining
When the roosters' crow
Some alarm clocks blow

Staring blankly at the dark sky,
With a heart that silently cries.
Wishing to be at your side,
But my feelings, I always hide.

Sunrise is life,
Sunset is death.
Sunshine is dashing,
Rain is heartrending.

Wishing upon the stars to catch your eyes,
Holding up my breath when you're near my sight.
I felt that my bony cheeks were blushing,
Every time you caught me staring.

Myla Rose G. Biography

I am an aspiring author. I have always wanted to write and publish my book but, I have lots of ideas on my mind - rumpled ideas, actually. I started writing poems in 2012, nurturing the dream of publishing my poetry collection once I have crafted 50 poems. However, I took a six-year hiatus due to a lack of inspiration for new topics. After 6 years, I continue to strive to craft at least a single line, little by little, whenever I possibly can. As James Clear said in his book Atomic Habits, 'Tiny changes make a big difference! ' With my hectic schedule from my full-time and part-time jobs, I firmly believe that taking this small step is a great start toward achieving my goal of publishing my books and becoming an author.)

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Strange Love

You put my life in a place
That‘s full of love and happiness
You swept away the sadness
That you‘d seen in my lonely eyes
You filled my empty heart
Full of joy and contentment
You picked up the scattered pieces
And fixed my broken heart

You made me laugh
When I‘m about to cry
And when you hold and squeezed my hands
I felt like I‘m floating in the air
I felt the softness of your palm
That is so good to touch
So good to feel the warmth
So good to think that I‘m in a safe place

You pulled me closer to you
And found myself in your broad chest
It was warm and very comfortable
I put my right hand in your heart
And felt ‘twas beating so fast with doubt
I don‘t understand why
I looked up to ask you why
But your eyes were closed and filled with tears

I hugged you tightly
Hoping that you‘ll do the same thing
But I noticed that you‘re pushing me away from you
I closed my eyes wishing that it‘s not true
But a hot liquid rolled down my face
I opened my eyes full of tears
And saw you walking away

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Myla Rose G. Popularity

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