Mystery Boy Poems

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Why Should I?

I'm tired of looking up to you
When you are no more.
How can one open a locked door?
Especially the one you've instilled

No More Hope To Fight

She just wants to call it quits
Everything of hers she hates
Underneath that smile is pan
She just wants a break-

Drawing Me Closer

A mirage you created
Everything seemed fine
Perfect and spotless you were
That i gave in

Saving The Future

Beggars of life we are
Meanwhile we enjoy while the trees cry
It took not an option to help us
While we careless about if it survives

What Is This?

What world is this?
That letter and numbers
Determine our place
In this cruel society.

Not Anymore

Rainbows, you won't be seeing anymore
The vicious rain destroyed all that.
The sun stands covered by this massive cloud
No single ray of light will escape this time.

How You Were Once Mine

If I had the chance
I would go back in time
To cherish all those moments
In your presence

Why Mother?

You had the chance to fight against it
Instead you gave in
To its fierce clutches.
Were you not that brave enough?

If You Knew

Remember when it was all rainbows
When there was not much to care about
Except for how early your bedtime was
And what dress to put on your dolls?

No Need

It becomes a constant overtime
At some point you are benumbed
It is nothing really peculiar

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