Nakesha Banks

Nakesha Banks Poems

1. I Never Woulda Thought.... 11/7/2007
2. My Love Scares Me 4/1/2007
3. Love's Name 4/4/2007
4. Faced With The Truth 4/10/2007
5. U R Not My Angel 4/10/2007
6. Listen 4/10/2007
7. If U Luv Luv, Let Luv Go Pt.2 4/10/2007
8. If U Luv Luv, Let Luv Go Pt.1 4/10/2007
9. Lay Down & Cry 4/10/2007
10. It Was A Dream 10/5/2007
11. Love Soilder 10/7/2007
12. Fortified City 10/7/2007
13. The Wonder 10/17/2007
14. The Deepest 4/10/2007
15. On A Day When It Rained 7/10/2007
16. If You Don'T Know 7/11/2007
17. The I'M Sorry Circle 10/5/2007
18. Everlasting End 10/5/2007
19. Dear? (You Know Who You Are) 10/6/2007
20. This Is Why 10/6/2007
21. Just A 'Time Out' 10/7/2007
22. Shattered Glass 10/17/2007
23. Wondering 10/17/2007
24. A Date With Love 10/17/2007
25. A Day In The Life Of A Broken Heart 11/12/2007
26. I Just Love You 11/12/2007
27. If Only For A Moment 12/14/2007
28. Love As A Perception 11/7/2007
29. I Hate You, Because I Love You 10/17/2007
30. She Loved Him, He Loved Her 7/12/2007
31. In Touch 4/10/2007

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Best Poem of Nakesha Banks

In Touch

A kiss on the lips
a stroke of the hand
fantasies played out as sigh's of exstacy burst into the air
desires and exspectations meet wiht unimangnable plesure,
things you would never dare think of but just wait it gets so muc better
soft succulent lips meet an awaiting neck yearning for slow steady kisses but hasent recieved them yet
bodies turned
arms thrust
our eyes meet
is it love? or it it lust?
our hands connect
our bodies touch
both so anxious yet we choose to take it slow
we realize it's not love or lust but PASSION we both now ...

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It Was A Dream

I sipped from the cup of pure bliss and let it's magic take me away
I breathe the air that in this world is so rare, yet I've been blessed to just have a taste
I've opened the door to explore much more then most have ever experienced
Closed my eyes as my adrinaline started to rise so I could feel beauty impossible to see
I approached the gates of heaven, laid on a cloud and came down more then when I had left
I saw the world for the first time I saw the moon Gleam watched the sun shine

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