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He taught me how
to sow in the arable land of sweet words
the seeds of charity
to remove the weeds of harsh words

Dream of a world free of germs
and forget all the infectious terms;
no need, perhaps, to wipe the nose;
no more shots of the vaccine dose;

He taught me how to toil hard
in the intense hot summer
or chilling shivering winter
churning his efforts into building

I set out my palette of thoughts
in passionate red, in warm orange,
in cheerful yellow, in angry green,
in sorrowful blue, in calm indigo

Oh, my God! How can I reach you?
You are in high altitude;
Altitude, I try to climb up,
Up and up, losing my track;

The inner pot agitates
As the cooker whistles thrice
Then for the fourth, fifth, sixth and nth times
Forgetting that the stove is on


The pebble of exam is making waves
When dropped into the knowledge well
Let me not be a frog in the well,
While the water of wisdom rapidly swell(s)

The darkness looms,
enforcing the call within
for the bright wise light.

As a child clasping Mother Nature's arm,
I sat on the pristine shore
and was free to build a castle of sand.
When I turned,

While the science of medicine is an art in a sense
the art of medicine is not merely science
that weighs the human as systems and tissues
But as a human with a heart, soul and mind

Lonely I went to the public garden
To ease my loads of daily burden.
The birds at once sang a song
That did not last quite a long (time) .

Give me a pair of wings to fly
Like the birds
That criss-cross the globe
Without any passport

My pride fell down and broke its crown
And my head turned lighter thereafter;
My mind sat down and shed the frown
And my thoughts shone wiser thereafter;

Tap, tap, tap
When my son taps the tablet screen
I am lost in thought for a generation
From the days of stone carvings and seals

I am struck in my train of thoughts
As I depart with my rhythm and pace
In the sky, the lightning strikes out of blue
And then disappears into the dark

As the war clouds settle down and the storm stops rising, we sleep in peace on the lap of the Earth.
At the dawn of wisdom, we could hear the wake-up call and view the dance that sets our life rolling:
the heart beats in harmony to keep the blood flowing, to perfuse the organs in tune with their needs;
day and night, the brain generates the nerve impulse that prepares the rhythm for the concert;

My son,

Give some space for words to breathe, for the task (of breathing) reigns as supreme as circulation;
when the space is a constraint in the speeding world, let words pause and breathe;

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My Tribute To An Unknown Teacher

He taught me how to read and write
so that I too grow in height
his words of wisdom quenched my thirst
with ocean of knowledge well immersed.

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Khads 27 February 2019

Your poems are good. But we want a poet on i write as a hobby now........ Congrats...

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The meaning of life is not deciphered from the words of envy, greed, ignorance and harsh words, but is revealed in the elegant prose of love, compassion, grace and character.

The pearls of love, when joined with the thread of compassion, make up the jewel of caring life.

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