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an ode to happiness

happiness is one of the many emotions
maybe the greatest off all

The girl out of the mirror
Looks sad and pale

Its Only Me

Its only me
An echo

a smile, a tear, laughter, a hug
all signs of a freind
they are the angels without wings
that build us up when were not strong

Love is a bird that flutters by
Love is the song you hear
Love is the feeling that makes you sigh
Love gives you a happy tear

My heart has been broken
In pieces by you

What is emotion?
good or bad
it puts thoughts in motion
happy or sad

On that island
theres a war going on
no love in that picture
but anger is strong

Im scared of loosing myself
Like I once lost you a long time before

Even though your far away

with your arm round my shoulder
looking into my eye
i never want this moment to end
hands round my waist

You are the light that burns within me
My light that burns so bright


Life is not worth living
When you’ve been through pain

The night I found out
You had gone from this world


You’ve always been there for me
I’ll be there for you you’ll see


im lucky to have you
lucky to know you
lucky to be able to love you
im lucky you have me

Don’t cry

Don’t cry
don’t frown

Everyone knows where they're going
Everyone knows where they came from
Everyone knows what they'll do with their life
Why oh why dont i

No matter what ill still love you
even when were far apart
when there are mountains and rivers between us
ill swim and ill climb

come back baby
i need your love
we are a part
of one

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HI PEEPS my names naomi but most peeps call me nay (its easier to spell) . im into witchraft aswell. dont like it. you can lump it lol. people have to like me for me. so check out my poems please please please lol

luffs ya x x x

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Ode To Happiness

an ode to happiness

happiness is one of the many emotions
maybe the greatest off all
it can make you feel all jumpy inside
a first kiss, first love
its all to do with happiness.
but yet happiness never gets thanked
for every thing it has done for us
so im saying thank you for bringing me steven, amy, fayeness, india and everyone else
that means something to me
thank you happiness

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Tim Gillett 22 February 2019

Naomi - are you going to write a poem about the snake?

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