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Beautiful, Colourful, Graceful
Flies, Flutters, Dances, Sings, Lands
Purple, Blue, Green

My Memories Of Dominican Republic


I travelled to the Dominican Republic one year ago today
It was only a week but by far the best week of my life
I learned not to take life for granted

Butterfly, Fly Away

Fly away
I’ll need you back some other day

Are You Really The Best Friend You Can Be?

When i speak, do you really hear me?
When i ask a question, do you really answer?
When i give you a gift, do you really say thank you?
When i thank you for a gift, do you really say you're welcome?

I Am Me

I wanted to speak, but i had no voice.
I wanted to hear, but i had no ears.
I wanted to stand out, but i had no colour.
I wanted to write, but i had no mind.

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I am a young poet/singer-songwriter who loves to express myself with a colourful vocabulary and imaginative ideas.

A song is simply poetry to music!

I am so thankful for the generous comments, rates, and MyFavourites!

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