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how do u help someone u love
someone as pale as a dove
hurting beneath the surface
pain burning like a furnace

the feeling she once had have come to and end
i was hoping that we could atleast be friendsbut now i see
that is not probabable
although it is possible

I'm so tired of being here
Suppressed by all my childish fears
And if you have to leave
I wish that you would just leave

I love you need you
but I cant be with you
cause in the end I'll deceive you
Because I want her too

i cant explain whats changed
i dont know how to say it
my body feels different
my soul aches for the wholeness i once knew


i am a shell
a casing
covering what i used to be
on the inside i am empty

you see the real me
its not hard for me to see
that you love me for who i am inside
you see what i try to hide

the day is over and i cant breathe
so much pain suffered
how can i break the tension in my heart?
i dont want her to leave

i cant belive that i can be this mean
no matter how hard i try
i cant stop hurting her
what am i supposed to


you put up a good fight i know
like an angel that never shows

Whats the last thing she said to me? ?
How was i supposed to know
And how was i supposed to see
That thing that she never showed

i cant believe you are all i can think about
without you here im going through a lovers drought.
i need you by my side
no matter what how hard i try to hide

we all havechoices to make
the consequences we must take
and the results of our actions
may leave our hearts in fractions

love is pain
love is hurt
love is happiness
love is kissing in the rain

so confused dont know what to do
sittin here in this chair stuck on you
hopin i get over it
wishin i could move on

ima a love hypochondriac
always thinkin something is wrong
i can be satisfied
just dont know how to be


the pain sets in
i feel alone
hopeless without you
this life holds no home

no matter how far i go
there is one thing i know
i will love you no matter what
im sure you know that but

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born in 1991 lived in jersey durham jacksonville chatham and many other places...i traveled alot and i have a veery difficult life filled with confusion pain and sorrow (all the makings of a great poet.))

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My Friend

how do u help someone u love
someone as pale as a dove
hurting beneath the surface
pain burning like a furnace

i try to help but i feel helpless
she is so perfect to me but she doesnt see that
all she ses is the flaws of the world
110 pounds and thinks shes fat

she's so lonely she cuts deep
so afraid she cries in her sleep
to watch her like that makes me weak
my perfect friend so frail and meek

evntually she will suceed
in her tries to end her life
then wer will she be
stil as lonely as can be

hurting on the inside
laughing on the out
dying from trying to hide
all her layers of doubt

what can you do for someone
who refuses your help
she doesnt know the effect of hr pain
she feels like a sand grain

tiny and insignificant
small and beligerant
hopless and sad
how can she feel so bad? ?

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Natasha Clark Popularity

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