Natasha Norville

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Natasha Norville Poems

1. A Mother's Love 5/2/2012
2. Beach 5/2/2012
3. Desert Spirit 5/2/2012
4. Do Not Fear 5/2/2012
5. Fear Not 5/2/2012
6. From The Past To The Future 5/2/2012
7. Nighttime 5/2/2012
8. Seek Counsel 5/2/2012
9. To Thy Brook 5/2/2012
10. Do You See What I See? 5/4/2012
11. God Help! 5/4/2012
12. Hope Is 5/4/2012
13. I Am 5/4/2012
14. Lean On Jesus 9/10/2012
15. 'He Said' 9/10/2012
16. To See A World 5/2/2012
17. Sin, Salvation, Hope, Love, Faith 5/2/2012
18. A Poet's Song 5/2/2012
19. Destiny 5/2/2012
20. A Mother 5/2/2012
21. Happiness Is 5/4/2012
Best Poem of Natasha Norville

Happiness Is

Happiness is like,
A river flowing down from heaven.

Happiness is like,
A brook that has the sound of peace.

Happiness is like,
A bunch of flowers in a meadow.

Happiness is like,
A dove souring through the sky.

Happiness is,
Being nice to an enemy even when it is hard.

Happiness is,
A box of chocolates on Valentine's Day.

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Desert Spirit

I roamed in the desert
The sand is before me
I continue on my path,
Then a castle rises in front of me.

I see a prince in the garden
His hair is gold like the sun
His eyes the color of the sky
His cloak the color of midnight

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