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These are outbursts often in times of sadness. In times of loneliness and isolation i record my poems. When i am comfortable i rarely write. This is a great site allowing anyone to write a book.

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A Veil Of Tears

Is this a word,
I have it and yet it was there in the clearing it left me.
Gripped by a certain energy,


Crystal beneath the setting sun,
Burning beauty in a misty haze,
The heir to immortality plays listlessly,
Through caverns we run,

Sunday A Week After Ayer

My head grows big here
with ideas i want to get down on paper
Madrid? Budapest?
Lorca, Picasso? Relentless questions

Lightly 2006

Unknown Territory 2006

This was an email poem written when I passed through Northern Territory Australia on the way to meet the aboriginals its a bit rushed and raw I changed after learning from them.

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