Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal

Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India
Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal
Vadali, Dist: - sabarkantha, Gujarat, India

Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal Nature Poems

Why Submit To Nature?

Why do we submit to nature’s sway?
Consider it casual and attention not pay,
The Sum always rise with powerful ray,
Heat waves may burn skin mid-day,

Furious Nature

Run, run came voice from distance
Could not find out where form as instance?
May be I was in deep and fast asleep
Heard simple a sound of cloak and beep

Nature, We Neglect

I hear some one calling me from deep,
it is not the footstep heard in sound sleep,
but yes a deep call and sound familiar,
Neither shout from liar nor it from cavalier,

Nature's Call

Live life peaceful and planned,
beautiful and lovely so not it banned,
Free air to breathe in birds to catch,
lovely trees and green lush to watch, ,

Best Poet-Nature's Love

Best poet-Nature's choice
Sunday,18th April 2021

who can be called best?

Man Of Uncertain Nature

Man of uncertain nature
Friday, June 4,2021
11: 02 AM

Our Nature And

Our nature
Wednesday,29th May 2019

Yes, it is divine wish

Nature Is

Nature is
Wednesday,24th April 2019

I want to go to nature

Seek Refuge From Nature

Seek refuge from nature
Saturday,13th July 2019

I always rush

An Awakening For Nature

How I could be nature hater?
I was to learn it little later
Life needed natural and mineral water
Nature was God’s lovely daughter

Close To Nature And

Close to nature
Tuesday,13th November 2018

Who can remain with anart?

Nature Smiles

Nature smiles

Look at our side
Your eyes shall remain wide

Nature Is Our Savior

Nature is our savior
Saturday, December 14,2019
7: 54 AM

Wrath Of Nature

Wrath of nature
Thursday,22nd July 2021

Wrath of nature

Where Do We Find Nature

Where do we find nature?
Friday,19th October 2018F

You shall never find

Are You Nature's Lover?

Are you nature's lover
Saturday,17th July 2021

Where are you all nature's lovers?

Protect Nature

Protect nature and
Thursday,16th May 2019

It is a real wonder

Different Nature

Different nature
Friday,16th November 2018

I don't budge

Nature Is Beautiful

Nature is beautiful
Thursday, October 31,2019
9: 42 PM

Look At Nature And

Look at nature and
Sunday,9th May 2021

I look at nature

Nature's Way

Nature is nature
With grace to assure
“Preserve us and we shall serve”
You need us and deserve

Nature's Fury

Nature's fury

I am in no mood to talk
Refuse to breathe fresh air and go for walk

Love Nature

Love nature
Monday,12th August 2019

Each individual shall have a different hobby

Shy Nature

My friend is of shy nature
May not like a word to utter
If that is not needed
May shake head if advice is heeded

Nature's Death Cycle

Nature's death cycle
Friday,19th October 2018

Green and yellow leaves

Nature's Colour And Fury

Nature's colour and fury
Sunday,9th May 2021

I have seen nature's colour


I shall make no choice
But make full promise
To make it worthwhile
To sail the boat with own style

Protect Nature And Environment

I shall not watch helplessly at the sky
I shall never entertain and ask why
The ideas about disappearance of earth
The destruction of whole world with shot sure deaths

Human Nature Responsible

Human nature responsible
Friday,4th January 2019

Is it the human nature responsible?

Deceive The Nature

Deceive the nature
Thursday,26th September 2019

Deceive the nature

Super Nature

Super nature

Always seek
And speak

Belong To Nature

Belong to nature

Still we refuse
And dream about no refuge

Nature Acts Supreme

Nature acts supreme
It’s effect is always seen
There is overall beauty around
Fragrance is smelt from the ground

Nature Has Turned Deadly

Nature has turned deadly
Friday,1st February 2019

We can see the presence of God

Cruel Nature

Cruel nature
Monday,15th July 2019

The truth is bizarre

Beautiful Aspect Of Nature

Did you ever witness beautiful aspect of nature?
As if bright shine is made to reflect for future
Happiness is all over to influence the human mind
New energy and its usages are to be found

Nature For Us Here

Nature for us here
Tuesday,8th October 2019

Take care

Her Nature

I just looked at her
She was sad and little bothered
I could read some fear
She secretly under tears

Let Nature

Let nature survive
As we have lived
For many centuries
Without any worries

When Nature Stands For

What can I do when nature stands for?
All kinds of love and return for sure
That spring after autumn to care
Dream about monsoon and come out in open to dare

Women In Nature

Woman in nature

Give honor
And adore

Human Nature For Love And

Love is only treasure
And also basic human nature
Even cruel man longs for love
And firmly believes

To The Nature

To the nature

We need rest
And gather best

Nature's Third Eye

Nature's third eye
Saturday,3rd August 2019

Nature has opened the eye

Nature Is Kind Here

Nature is kind

Yes nature has to rule
And give call

Live With Nature

Live with nature
Tuesday,18th May 2021

live with calmness

Love And Nature

Always think positive
It is indicative
Of stable mind
You may always find

Nature's Warning

Nature's warning
Tuesday,24th March 2020

Nature has used lethal weapon

If Nature Survives

Once upon a time dense forest
Now stands open field with no trees to rest
No green branches and no noise of birds
It has become rare chance for melody to be heard

Nature Has

Nature has taught us
To be lenient and kind towards
Sympathetic to fellow brethren
And share concern

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