Nature, We Neglect Poem by Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

Nature, We Neglect

Rating: 4.8

I hear some one calling me from deep,
it is not the footstep heard in sound sleep,
but yes a deep call and sound familiar,
Neither shout from liar nor it from cavalier,

I sense it so pleasing and sweet,
As if the music strike the ear and meet,
waves pass and create a bubbles in water,
noise stop, echoes down as down the shutter,

Days hustle and bustle to a stop,
breathe a fresh air and bath with soap
Time to go and listen music pop,
harvest the season and bring back crop,

But still have no joy and peace,
life so apart and turn into piece,
Enjoy I not the reality and love,
As the birds, ducks, fishes and dove,

Advent of winter body so freeze,
flowers smell more and air so breeze,
even slight moon light glitter the sky,
body feel light and thoughts may fly,

Cocks and cuckoo’s bring more cheers,
Never you get it fresh from beers,
for a moment you forget your dears,
no more calls and no more hears,

With strong wind, lightening and storms,
earth fall apart and come out new worms,
ponds full and rivers make flow,
sky may over cast but heavy with glow,

All these does not deter and frighten,
more vigour, strength and life brighten,
stress, worries, hopes, despair soften
new lease of life and rise hope often,

Respond to call crisis never deepen,
futility, despair worries not happen,
So I hear gently and respond her call,
face I ground and hear through wall,

I fail to see why nature so kind,
Joy I search but never find,
hatred, mistrust but not love mild,
Why are we so cruel and wild?

Love, music, light all fast scatter,
what you gain now, all that matter,
Never we tried nor lost cause,
Time may tell when we near pause

Argum Sheth 08 August 2009

we donot take care of it....10

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Durga Sethani 08 August 2009

we neglect the nature always....10

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Chaul Vania 09 August 2009

we completely neglect the nature...10

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Rupa Shah 09 August 2009

we haver forgottenthe natural aspect....10

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Ratna Patel 09 August 2009

we always neglect the nature....10

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Ashley Paul 17 October 2009

For talks, not only days but nights will be less, years may pass by, but never be the end,

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Jigisha Vyas 15 September 2009

sense it so pleasing and sweet, As if the music strike the ear and meet, waves pass and create a bubbles in water,

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Kunwar Patel 16 August 2009

we should nurture it....10

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Radha Seth 15 August 2009

donot take so much care....10

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Saroj Davde 15 August 2009

we almost disregard her....10

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathaal

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