Valsa George Nature Poems

Nature's Wrath

Dark clouds loomed over the horizon
They broke loose in unprecedented force
Nature's wrath, sudden violence acquired
It rained down as if unleashing all her fury

In Nature's Bosom

During my morning strolls along country paths
The world comes alive in all its gleam n’ glitter
What lovely vistas unfurl and pass me by
What miracles of creation, what wonders of life

Nature’s Bounty

The woods stretched across, black and bare,
With the sounds of screeching, hushed and still.
Gentle blew the cool autumn wind,
Wafting the scent of blossoming blooms.

Inspirational Quatrains.3. On Nature

When you find yourself in gloom
Take time to watch Nature in bloom
The beauty around can give you delight
And your soul will slowly open to light!

Mother Nature

Nature, thou art God’s creation,
The Benign Mother to all Creation,
Decked in beauty, dressed in glory,
Thou singest hymns to God your Lord.

Five Liners.No.5. A Slice Of Nature

She fixed the canvas on the easel
Her imagination bled into colors deep
Her brush moved along the surface
With a flurry of strokes, images came alive

Nature's Fury (The Deluge)

As the month of June draws near,
Summer loosens its fiery grip,
Cool blows the wind, sweeping the humid air,
And dark clouds gather in distant skies.

In Nature's Serenity

One fine autumnal afternoon, I set out sauntering
Along country paths that lay rugged and meandering
To see Nature, not in her cultivated ostentatiousness
But in her stark nakedness and innate loveliness

Simple Verse- Nature's Ways

A flock of cattle
in the green pastures graze
White herons
surround them as always

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