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Valsa George Poems

1. A Shipboard Romance (A Sequel.No.2) 2/9/2013
2. Twin Triplets. No.7. Moments, Orphan 2/25/2013
3. Twin Triplets. No.9. Sweet Memories, Sour Memories 3/6/2013
4. Twin Triplets. No.10. My Dilemma, Through The Kaleidoscope 3/24/2013
5. Simple Verse. No.8 - The Lament Of A Tree 2/10/2014
6. Triplet- Lingering Hope 5/5/2015
7. Limerick.32.Glutton 5/18/2015
8. Llimerick- 35. Fashion Maniac 6/5/2015
9. Limerick.68. A Glutton's Plight 11/14/2015
10. Five Liner. Flowers 12/7/2015
11. Limerick-71. A Frog's Mishap 12/28/2015
12. Limerick- 72.When The Enemies Met 12/28/2015
13. Five Liner- A Humble Prayer 1/14/2016
14. Haiku- Spring 2/6/2016
15. Haiku- Summer 2/6/2016
16. Five Liner- My Forgotten Ancestor 2/12/2016
17. Senryu- Drowning 2/12/2016
18. Five Liner- A Cobra And A Mongoose 2/23/2016
19. Senryu- Discontent 3/20/2016
20. Limerick- 83. The Trinity 4/19/2016
21. Haiku Series- Summer Rain 4/23/2016
22. Limerick- 94. His Sad Plight 10/20/2016
23. Limerick- Godsend 3/12/2017
24. The Calm Before The Storm 5/12/2012
25. Transference 6/27/2012
26. Books 6/27/2012
27. Straggler 6/17/2012
28. Man And Woman 6/1/2012
29. At Times 6/9/2012
30. Fog 7/3/2012
31. The Deity 5/12/2012
32. The Eerie Little House 5/12/2012
33. The Outcast 5/12/2012
34. Twin Triplets. No.8. Pilgrim, Stars 2/28/2013
35. Twin Triplets. No.5. Infinity, Hope 2/11/2013
36. Do You Know What It Is 2/13/2013
37. Twin Triplets (No.4) Course Of Life, Blunt Truth 2/1/2013
38. Twin Triplets. No.6. Cliche 2/19/2013
39. Striking A Chord 12/9/2012
40. Twin Triplets (No.1) Heritage, Memory 1/22/2013

Comments about Valsa George

  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (9/30/2018 5:48:00 PM)

    On behalf of all poets, Poem Hunter Family and our Mahakul family along with this acrostic poem a title of honour is offered to Poetess Valsa George as, Legend Star (किंवदंती सितारा) . Form today on-wards she will be known as Legend Star Valsa George. In Hindi she will be known as किंवदंती सितारा वालसा जॉर्ज. In Malayalam she will be known as കിണ്വഡാന്റീ നക്ഷത്രം വാൽസ ജോർജ്ജ്.

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  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (9/30/2018 5:33:00 PM)

    Valsa George - Poem by Kumarmani Mahakul

    Very important poetess of values and virtues,
    Astounding personality she is of nice vision,
    Lucky she is having astonishing literary ability,
    Serenity she has being successful, sagacious she is,
    Astute person she is, she deeply reviews writings.

  • Kumarmani Mahakul Kumarmani Mahakul (9/30/2018 5:32:00 PM)

    Generosity is her power, genuine judgement she gives,
    Enthusiasm is within, educationally she is very strong,
    Outstanding personality with deep observing quality,
    Rosary of trust she has for God she has devotion,
    Gesticulates she poems with wonderful mastery,
    Encouragement is her art as Kumamani Mahakul notices.

    © Kumarmani Mahakul,30 June 2018. All rights reserved.

  • Howard 'the motivational poet' Simon Howard 'the motivational poet' Simon (8/3/2018 7:51:00 PM)

    Wonderful are the poetic works of Valsa George. She is an eloquently gifted and excellently intelligent poet. I have been greatly blessed by reading her works. Blessings to you dear Valsa!

  • Tom Billsborough (7/30/2018 2:31:00 PM)

    I feel my words are inadequate to praise the glory of your poems. There are some fine poets on this site and you are among my favourites. There is great charm and intelligence in your verses I find utterly fascinating

  • Akhtar Jawad Akhtar Jawad (6/28/2018 12:31:00 AM)

    Valsa George
    In Portuguese Valsa means Waltz?
    No, she is not a dancer,
    behind the screens she is a director.
    She directs the virgins of words
    and we see colorful rows of a rainbow,
    rearranging themselves at the stage of poetry.
    With joy my lips become a metallic bell
    music from my side,
    to applaud the charms when her poem starts dancing.
    I think,
    once upon a time she might have been a dancer herself?

  • Valsa George Valsa George (5/9/2018 3:50:00 AM)

    This comment from you is indeed a great honor! Thank you so much Robert..........! Sorry, I missed reading these lovely words earlier!

  • Robert Murray Smith Robert Murray Smith (5/7/2018 6:45:00 AM)

    Valsa, is one of the best nature poets on this site.Read and you will be inspired.

  • Valsa George Valsa George (3/27/2018 12:22:00 AM)


    Wow..... I feel overwhelmed by your kind words. Thank you so much for the deep interest you show in my poems and the outstanding critique you make of them....! I am greatly obliged to you dear friend!

  • Dr Dillip K Swain Dr Dillip K Swain (3/26/2018 4:23:00 AM)

    Many of her works are timeless! ‘Poet’, ‘Dust Unto Dust’, ‘A Sudden Downpour’, ‘Winged Words’, ‘To My Anonymous Lover’, ‘A Song Of Hope’, ‘Eagle On Wings’ are some of her outstanding pieces of poetry! She has a significant contribution to the world of poetry! Her contribution to this august Poem Hunter site is noteworthy! Hope, her invaluable contribution to the field of English literature would be recorded forever! May God increase her tribe! Pray God bless her and her family!

Best Poem of Valsa George


Wielding a tool, mighty and spiky
Mightier than either the sword or rod
He reigns, monarch in Fancy's domain
Sketching life in fanciful colour and mode

Which with pain and strife fraught
Or bright with gaiety and grace
In finer yarn than the gossamer thread
On the fabric of words in befitting verse

He steals away from the noisy crowd
In to the stillness of the cloistered cell
To dwell with Fancy's mystic charms
Weaving downy dreams at will

He recounts forgotten tales of yore
Of bloody battles won and lost,
Of lovers united, amour defiled, ...

Read the full of Poet

To My Man (Portrait)

Growing out from childish pranks,
With the storm and stress of turbulent teens,
I locked within my mind’s cupboard,
A portrait vaguely sketched, but never finished.

Rough it was, though fancifully done,
The silhouette of a masculine figure,
The Gallant who would reach one day,
To hold my hand and own me his.

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