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Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee 07 April 2010

Nazma's poems are enjoyable only if you have a sea of passions. Nazma's poems are readable if you have a choicest stock of vocabulary. Go on writing. Poem Hunter needs love poets like you.

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The Best Poem Of Nazma Lucky

Alone With My All

Nobody loved me such before
If having loved,
Stealing all loves of impassioned lovers
of the earth
I would seclude in the nook
of my bosom
To love him only.

Nobody called me such before
If having called,
Trampling fields, crops, grains
of the earth
I would run, run with my all attempt
to the end of the earth
Where he is.

Nobody desired me such before
If having desired,
I would give my soul, body, blood, cells,
dreams, hopes to him.
would stake my all existance
only for him.

Nobody laid sleepless all night
in waiting to meet me before
If having remained,
I would make that assemblage


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Nazma Lucky Popularity

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