Nellie Isabelle Steward Cooper Poems

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The Grand Abyss

Finally now, we see below us
The abyss over which we have traveled
All these years the whisper- thin
Web of our imagining

Car Crash

I did nothing special
On the day
They put the two youngsters
In their graves

Alone With A Dream

From a really true dream
wings are grown
And the dream it will fly

One Voice Speaking

How when you are dead
Will you touch other hearts
Unless now when you can
You lay bare your own?

Since You Are Gone

Since you are gone the stones lie differently along the ground
and words that are the same now have a different sound
sharp and clear in early dawn there is a road I cannot travel on


This day will never begin again
(Nor this hour, nor this minute)
I will look carefully to see what is in it

A Yellow Dress For Sale

A yellow dress for sale
Worn only twice
As good as new
At a very low price

A Face Of Quaint Reality

So many birds twittering outside my little window, chirping,
chortling, and hop, hop hopping about

All eating, eating, eating with great gusto, bread crumbs, little tidbits,

These Hungry Ears

There is an opposite
Of love
That is unlove

In Pursuit Of Freedom

If a mind! ! !

What mind? ? ?

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