Nerissa Morton Poems

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Loss Of A Friend

A loss of a friend hurts
The loss of a best friend hurts more,
But it is never a true loss;
Everyday you will see something that reminds you of them

Never Good Enough

No matter how much you try,
How much you cry
Even those close to you never seem to get it;
Never seem to understand that;

When Your World Is Crumbling

Everything's breaking
Everything's going
And if it isn't,
it is already gone

You Will Always Mean Something

When life gets you down;
When they make you feel alone;
When you feel unloved, scared and forgotten;
Remember, I am always here

Poor Little Jimmy

Poor little Jimmy
Ran away one day, but was
Not missed by any soul

Fitting In

Fitting in is a hard thing to do
Whether it's finding your place in the world,
Or fitting into those pants which have been in your closet for years

Oak Tree

I try to move my stiff torso
I feel so trapped
As the wind blows;
My hundred of arms sway

Merry-Go-Round Called 'Love'

Two years ago I kidnapped his heart
Tore it in two
And tried not to look back
That was until I glued it back together;

Loud Nights Of A Broken Home

Night after night they argue
Yelling to and frow
'How could you keep talking to her? '
'We are just friends! '


I feel nothing
Every part of me is missing
And I don't know why