Gold Star - 37,972 Points [NHIEN DUC NGUYEN MD]


281. A Home Visit Of A Friend - Translation Poem Of NguyễN KhuyếN: BạN ĐếN Chơi Nhà 11/15/2016
282. Singing With The Moon - Translated Poem Of BàNg Bá Lân: TiếNg HáT Trong Trăng 11/17/2016
283. Vietnamese Traditional Dress (ÁO DàI) - To Kim-Mai 11/18/2016
284. Sounds Of Autumn - Translated Poem Of Lưu TrọNg Lư: TiếNg Thu 11/20/2016
285. Hà-Đông Silk Dress - Translated Poem Of Nguyên Sa: ÁO LụA Hà Đông 11/25/2016
286. I Have Never Felt So Sad - Translated Poem Of Cung TrầM TưởNg: Chưa Bao Giờ BuồN Thế 11/26/2016
287. Bittersweet - Translated Poem Of Huy CậN: NgậM NgùI 11/30/2016
288. God Please Save Our Lives (Haiku) 12/2/2016
289. Your Long Hair Binds Our Loving Hearts Forever, Kim-Mai 12/5/2016
290. I Return To ẤM-ThượNg - Translated Poem Of Xuân DiệU: Anh Về ẤM ThượNg 12/8/2016
291. Three Grandchildren's Good Time At Annville Paradise 12/11/2016
292. Autumn Imbibing - Translation Poem Of NguyễN KhuyếN: Thu ẨM 12/12/2016
293. In Silence I Pray The Eucharist 12/16/2016
294. Autumn Angling - Translation Poem Of NguyễN KhuyếN: Thu ĐiếU 12/18/2016
295. Paris Autumn - Translated Poem Of Cung TrầM TưởNg: MùA Thu Paris 12/18/2016
296. Annville Paradise Summer Vacation For Grand Kids 2016 12/19/2016
297. Thank You For Your Surprised Visit 12/19/2016
298. Autumn Sunrise Over Chapman Neighborhood 12/23/2016
299. Tomorrow Is The Christmas Day (2016) 12/24/2016
300. May God Bless Us On Christmas Day 12/25/2016
301. Heavens And Earth Celebrate The Birth Of Christ 12/25/2016
302. St. Paul's Church Bells Ring Heavenly Peace Over Annville 12/26/2016
303. Thank You For Visiting Our Home 12/30/2016
304. Annville Paradise Pool Where Kim Mai Swims 12/30/2016
305. Having A Shared Husband - Translated Poem Of Hồ Xuân Hương: CảNh LàM Lẽ 12/31/2016
306. Here Is Vĩ Dạ Hamlet - Translation Poem Of HàN MặC Tử: Đây Thôn Vĩ Dạ 1/2/2017
307. Jackfruit - Translation Poem Of Ho Xuan Huong: QủA MíT 1/4/2017
308. Helena Snow Storm At Annville Paradise 1/6/2017
309. We Love Each Other Like We Just Begin 1/8/2017
310. Ashes Asks For Food By Her Posture 1/8/2017
311. Anniversay Day - To Kim Mai 1/9/2017
312. In Those Days, I Wrote My Love Poems To You - Translation Poem Of TrầN Dạ Từ: ThủA LàM Thơ Yêu Em 1/10/2017
313. Cleaning Up Snow Storm Jonas 1/11/2017
314. Black Ice - Haiku 1/11/2017
315. A Sunrise After Snow Storm Jonas 1/13/2017
316. Three Irresponsible Things - Translation Poem Of TrầN Tế Xương: Ba Thứ Lăng Nhăng 1/14/2017
317. The Life Of A Pumpkin Begins At Its Pollination, When, Does Human Life Begin? 1/15/2017
318. I Swim In A Swimming Pool This Afternoon 1/18/2017
319. Waiting For Snow Storm Jonas 1/20/2017
320. Family Fishing Outing 1/20/2017

Comments about NHIEN NGUYEN MD

  • Michael (4/7/2018 10:45:00 AM)

    Would love to see poems of tulip gardens an pictures? Also keep up the good work excellent poems.

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  • Nhien Nguyen (5/27/2017 3:56:00 PM)

    Thank you for reading my poems. Your introduction to my poems, has brightened my poetic journey. Insightful comment! Thank you. Nhien

  • Rajnish Manga Rajnish Manga (5/27/2017 12:19:00 PM)

    It is a pleasure to be introduced to the poetry of Nhien Nguyen MD. I have read some of his poems and have been deeply impressed by his style and scope. Thanks.

  • Nhien Nguyen (10/30/2015 8:33:00 PM)

    Thank you for reading this poem. I pray that Philhaven is a shining beacon of hope and God's Grace overflows
    any soul who seeks His Blessings.

  • Tammy Mccarty (10/30/2015 7:20:00 AM)

    Thanks for sharing your poem Philhaven Hill. Philhaven is a special place to find healing from the hurts of this world. May God richly bless your work with so many wounded, hurting people!


Two Cats Meow Meow

Two cats look at each other
They see each other through a glass door
The gray cat is inside looking out
The white cat is outside looking in.

One cat starts meowing
The other cat meows in replying.
Both cats are meowing
Who understands what they're saying?

One cat meows again
While rubbing its snout on the glass.
The other cat does the same.
Both cats meow simultaneously.

These two cats rest happily.
They blink their eyes at each other.
They wag their tails like a feather.
Then they stop meowing.


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Noel was born in the wild

He was so lucky that he is alive.

Inside the house, he now has a very comfortable life.

He has plenty of time to eat, sleep, rest and climb.

Ashes befriends and accompanies Noel

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