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KIck me again
And watch me deflate-
A once new soccer ball
Promised fair play,


'Let's try and work this out, ' one said.
'Shut up and listen to me, ' the other said,
Never realizing that in the first's head
This signified that they were already dead.

Of all the people I have loved,
U r undoubtedly the hardest 2 miss:
No 1 could b as mean as u;
No 1 could duplicate your kiss.

Do not tell me that I cannot sing:
I never asked for your critique!
As one cannot tell a caged bird to keep quiet,
So one cannot quell that innermost riot

All the same,
Yet each unique:
Peculiar sameness
Of each different piece;

I don't care how u feel about me;
I don't care if u know that I exist;
I don't care if u give another vows;
I don't care that it's not my touch u miss;

As years go by, we learn how to hide when we cry.
We sometimes forget why we wanted to try to be the pie in the eye
Of a beloved.
So learn to remember that u once; earned that love is unearned

These women here are treacherous,
Backstabbing and vicious,
Malignantly malicious
Parasitic pirrhana fishes.

I can't seem to find the keys to me-
Would u happen to know what they might be?
Recovery from some dream deferred
Or perhaps less desire to be heard

I write so that should I lose my tongue,
Still am I able to speak.
I write so that should I lose my eyes,
Still am I able to see.

Chin on the pillow as though it were your shoulder...
If this were u, my arm would stretch across your chest,
My leg drape across your thigh as though I possessed u.
I would not mind if u were actually behind me

The books that come-
what dreams they know!
They give my mind
some place to go,

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I have always loved to write. For me to write is to breathe. I will write about anything and everything hopefully until the day I die. I also LOVE to read. Food and music make up the majority of the rest of my interests, and as I am somewhat shy, that's about it for now! Check back for updates, I guess...)

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Kick Me...Again

KIck me again
And watch me deflate-
A once new soccer ball
Promised fair play,
But stomped on, defaced,
And crushed out of shape-
Just kick me again
And watch me deflate.


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nyki mb 09 January 2006

This is NOT the author of the book listed listed under 'books'- nor any other book. The 'Nia Imani' submitting work here is in no way associated with the author of the book by another person of the same name.

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